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Greetings all. My nickname may be Zodia, but I am also called Tiffany in real life. Feel free to call me any of those. Anyway, I write alot and I am drawing my very own manga called Zodia's Treasures. Besides that, I write mostly fanstasy and romance. I have over 120 stories write now which include series, trilogies, fanfics, etc. I also draw, sing, and dance among other things. I hope to become a writer and director some day.

Personal Update:

7/21/12- Hey everyone I have actually edit Ch. 1 of The Lost One because I added new content a bit.

Story Updates:

The Lost One-(Completed)- Pristine is given a task to find the lost unicorn princess. But unknown to her, it's the other part of her soul for in a her previous life when she was killed by evil, her soul had split into two parts when her parents sent it to be reborn in the future. On her journey, Pristine gains allies while being chased by the source of the evil, Zeather. Will she complete her mission and find her destiny?

Zodia's Treasures- (Ch.9 uploaded, it's the first part of Ch. 9 itself)- Story is of Sakura and how she gets caught up in the middle of war between the Zodiac Guardians and Hunters. A fierce storms hit endangering Sakura and the Guardians! Will they survive it?

The 5 Sisters of Brensdale: Part 1-Wind Tempest- This is the story of 5 sisters who are all princesses and sorceresses. But the world they came from attacked and they are all separated. Now 13 years later, the eldest, Calista, searches for her sisters. Calista is the only one who remembers their past. This first part is about the youngest, Ariana and how she comes back into her powers. It's set in modern times, but the town of Brensdale is my own fictional town as well as all the chars.

The Joyful One- This is the continuation of The Lost One. Joyce, Pristine's cousin, the earth unicorn, is lovesick as everyone tries to cheer her up. But soon more changes arrive as Joyce vanishes and reappears literally on top of her lost love and if that isn't enough, looses her memory! How will Joyce get her memory back and get back home?

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