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" Excellent. My plan to ruin my life is working out perfectly." Drew Carey

I am sorry. Very sorry. I just cannot continue like this right now. I can't keep reviewing and writing. I just can't. I've lost interest in Digimon and writing, unfortunately. Nothing seems to be clicking like it once did. I am jsut sick and tired of people making poor, pitiful attempts to harass me and other authors. I apologize profusely for those of you who like my stories. It could very well be a very long time until I update, or even write convincingly. I would try to get "The Howling" and "Wings on Shadows" done before anything else, since people are entranced by the sadistic werewolf Takato. I hope that all of you have happy holidays. Arigatou.

" Fu fu fu..." Aoyama Motoko-san

Rei: Well, o where o where can my Yami-sama be?
Koji: Throwing up.
Rei: *anger vein* Enough of the evil dub! Begone!
Trumpets blare gallantly
Rei: Hark! Could it be???
Naru: Good lord...has anyone seen a hentai ronin around, most likely trying to peep?
Rei: GAK! *face-faults* Narusegawa-sama! Have you seen Yami-sama?
Naru:...not that I recall. Sorry, Mena-chan.
Rei: -.-() He needs to save me from this evil dub of Kouji-kun.
Naru: *glares at Koji*
Koji: What the heck do you want, you dumb broad?
Rei, Naru: *TWITCH!!!!!!!!* DIE!!!! *both punch Koji*
Koji: PURRROOOOOOOOOO!!!!! *flies through the air much like Keitaro*
Naru: ^^ Off to beat up the ronin!
Rei: ...where is Yami?? *sniffles*


I absolutely abhor X/Yami pairings, Daikari, and Sorato. If you do not agree with me, fine. I'm not making you. Lemme alone.

Favs: SW, Mononoke Hime, Digimon, Love Hina, Yu-Gi-Oh (not necessarily in that order)

Yami: Where is Rei? *dressed up with a Santa hat-very hot looking*
Rei: *bounces in with her elf hat* I found you, Yami-sama! *glomps him* Your special Christmas glomp!
Yami: ^_^ Ho ho ho!!! I have something for you! I didn't want to get it, but...it makes you happy, so therefore, I had no choice...*whips out a large box with strange markings on it*
Rie: *rips it open*
Kouji: Dat da dannnn!!!! I returned from the Limpopo river in Africa where your favorite bish sent me!
Rei: YAY!!!!!! Happy Holidays!!!


"But I promise, I won't fail again..."-Anakin Skywalker