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My soul -

Mortal Fools.

Mission Accomplished.

I'm sorry. So sorry.

You're sure that's what you want?

I love you like lime jellocubes in a wineglass.

There is no death, there is the force.

Unconditional love.

If God existed, I think that he'd love everyone.

In the end...

I love you. Did you know that? Yes, you. I know you probably hate me. That's okay. I'll still cry when you're sad, still cross my fingers and hope you achieve your dreams, still cherish your happiness. You can hate me, call me anything you like. It's fine - I don't really mind. I'll still love you. I always will. Maybe I don't know you. Maybe we used to be friends. Maybe we are friends. Maybe I'm your greatest enemy. Maybe the sight of me triggers your temper. Maybe I'm just a loser to you. That's nice. It doesn't matter to me. I still love you, because you're beautiful to me.

I'm sorry. So very sorry. I don't quite understand what I did - No, you're right, it doesn't mater. It's my fault and I'm sorry. Crying? Oh, sorry. I can't help it. I know I should be able to. I'm sorry I can't. I could stop if you would please stop yelli - No, you're right. You have every right to yell at me. It's all my fault. I know. I'm so sorry. More than you could imagine. It's my fault and I'm sorry. I'll try not to do - You're right. Trying isn't good enough. I'm sorry. Trying is the best I can do. I know, I know. It's not good enough. It will never be good enough and I'm sorry. So very sorry.

Hard, so hard. Nice and cool. Smooth, smooth, smooth. Sotiredsotiredso – no. Sit up. Smile. Laugh. Listen. Nod. Speak. No one can know. Silence now. One voice – talking. Onandonandonandonandon – no. Pay attention. What – what is this? White and – and not cold and smooth and hard and soothing. Paper. Must remember. What do you do with papers? And – and manysideslongthin. Pencil – write on the paper. Sotiredsotiredsotired – No. Concentrate. Fill out the paper. Pain. Owowowowow. Myhandmyhandmyhand – what’s happening to my hand. Oh – the manysidelongthin. Too tight. Let go. Too hard. Sotiredsotiredsotired – No. Finish the test. Done. Sofinallydone. Tiredtiredtired. I’ll just relax for a bit. Just a bit. Coldandsmoothandhard. So soothing. Noise. Oh, god, so much noise. Hurtshurtshurtshurtshurts. SoloudsoloudsoloudsoloudsoLOUD. MakeitSTOP. Makeitstopmaeitstop – sweet, sweet almost-quiet. Still hurts. Rings, achessobad. So tired. Move now – on the count of four. You need to go out there with them. Go on. People will notice. Pain – knees and ankles and feet. Owowowow – door. Don’twannagooutdon’twannagooutdon’twannago – people. God, so many people. Colorandnoiseanddetails – toomuchtoomuchtoomuch. Can’t remember. Touch – oh god. Shiver. Muststayneutral, noonecanknownoonenoonenoone. So close. Too many people. Getawaygetawaygetaway. WhereamIwhereamIwhereamI. Numbernumbernumbersnumbers – class! Thankgod. Coldandsmoothandhardand – sit up. Get ready for it. It – that horrible noise that rings and janglesandiseverywhereatonce and sounds justasrealwhen it’sgoneand – oh, god. Noisenoisenoisenoise. Makeitsop. PleasepleasepleasepleasePLEASE. Somebodyhelpme. Soloudsoloudso – Oh. Just imaginary now. Whiteandsmoothandnotcold – oh. Another paper. Where’s the sidesandlongandthin? Yes. Ready. Mustdowell. Mustdowell. Mustdowell. Goodgradesgoodgradesgoodcollegegoodgoodgoodgood – no. Concentrate. Answer questions. Write. Writewritewritewrite. Keepwriting. Don’t think. Don’trememberthenoiseorthetiredorthecoldorthungry. Writewritewrite – oh. Oops. Too much, too late. I-I took notes, umm. Yes. That’s right. I gave you my book yesterday. Movie. Toobright. Toobrighttooloudtoomuchtoomuch – can’tremembercan’tremembercan’tremember – mustconcentrate. Look at the screen. Rememberit – allofit. Noise. Ohgodohgodohgodohgod. Soclosesoclosesoclose. Toomanymanymanydetailsdetailsdetails. Nextclass. WhereamIwhereamIwheream – shuttup. Concentrate, relax. Breath. Breathingisgood. Inoutinoutinout. Numbernumbernumbernumbers – toomanytoomanycan’tremembercan’tremembermustremembermustmustmustmust. Oh, god. Ohgodohgodohgod. Shaky. Shakeshakeshakeshake. Cold. Socoldsocoldsocoldsocold. Stomachstomachstomachstomachstomach. Owowowowowow. Black – whereamIwhereamIwhereamI – no. Stop. In. Out. Blink Sit up straight. Take notes. Breath. Ignore it. Now. Ohgod – noisenoisenoisenoise – shut up. Get yourself together. It doesn’t matter if you’re dizzy. Walk. Don’t look around. Fear is bad. Never be afraid. Walk! Downstairs. Downdowndowndown. Wherearetheywherearetheywhere – oh. Over there. Sit. Smile laugh. Eat – no! Don’twannadon’twannadon’twannadont – Do it. Sticky. Thick. Toomuchtastetoomuchtastetoo – ow. Painpainpainpain. Makeitstopmakeitstopmakeit – No. Finish it. Idon’twannayoucan’tmakemeyoucan’tmakemeyoucan’t – Yes, I can. Finish it. Keep eating. Sothirstysothirstysothirsty – too bad. Noise! Noisenoisenoisenoise – It’s the bell. You must go upstairs. SomanysomanysomanytoomanytooamnytoomanyPEOPLE. Deal with it. Toclasstoclasstoclass. Hardcoldsmooth – No. Sit up. Now. You’re tired. Too bad, wimp. Sit up. Biology. You know this. Can’tconcentratetoomanywordstoomanytoomanytoomany – shut up. You learned this last year. You don’t need to concentrate. Oh. Oh, god. SoloudsoloudsoloudsoLOUD. Shut up. It’s the bell – shut up about it or I’ll make you remember. Pleasenopleasenopleasepleaseplease – then shut up and let me take over. ButIdon’twannago! Thedarkandthedarkandthedarkandthenothingnothingnothingnothingnothing. Too bad.

Do you often wake, my friend, chilled and shaken from nightmare and memories of that time before you were born?


Then why fear death - is it not just the same, at very worst?

If you read anything, please read All that is Dark, 'cause it's my current baby. Thanks.

I lied. Twists of Fate is now my baby. All that is Dark was just an attempt to get the characters in Twists of Fate worked out. Please read Twists of Fate. Please. At least review the prologue - I posted it on my birthday. Please review. As a present to me. Please?

"You can eat soft foods in class, ones that don't make noise, like bananas, yogurt, gin." - one of my brother jon's friend's professors

Q: "When he went, had you gone and had she, if she wanted to and were able, for the time being excluding all the restraints on her not to go, gone also, would he have brought you, meaning you and she, with him to the station?"
D.A.: "Objection. That question should be taken out and shot."

"It is never not a time to pelvic thrust." - SectionleaderErin. ~.~ That was awsome.

"But I don't play the podium!" - drummajorPaul ~.~ Also extremely awsome.

"Too often we lose sight of life's simple pleasures. Remember, when someone annoys you, it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown, BUT, it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and bitch-slap that [email protected]#?!&! upside the head."
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