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Okay...it's about time I make this profile...hmmm...what to say about myself...

I love music. Yes, I'm addicted to it. ^_^ It would probably take up the entire screen if you asked me who my favorite bands are. Linkin Park, Something Corporate, Jimmy Eat World, Dashboard Confessional, Sugarcult, Fuel, Death Cab For Cutie, Lifehouse, Seether, Evanescence, Jars Of Clay, Nickelback, Hoobastank, Smile Empty Soul, Taking Back Sunday, Midtown, lostprophets, Drowning Pool, SpongeCola, 6CycleMind, Bamboo, Sugarfree...fine I'll stop...hehehe ^_~

I love to read...especially goth literature!

I love writing...obviously. It's an outlet for me. ^_^

I love blood and gore. Can't say much about this. ^_~

I love purple, red and black. ^_^

I love CHOCOLATE!!!!!! Toblerone, anyone?

I hate love. Not the ordinary love, but rather the romantic sort of love. Which is primarily the reason why I wrote Corpse: Requiem To Cupid. I hate that schmuck with wings who wears nothing but a measly piece of cloth. Love is only caused by this hormone your body gives out called phenylethylamine (finally I know how to pronounce that... ^_^). Love is usually all about those so-called hormones, and knowing hormones, they make people do stupid, pointless things that they always come to regret later.

I hate math. That's self-explanatory.

I hate weird songs that sound like commercial jingles. And if there are bands I love, there are also bands and singers I hate, but I don't feel like mentioning any of them. ^_^

I'm pessimistic, which somewhat makes me a realist. Really. I think it's better to be negative instead of being overly positive and then getting your hopes dashed in the end. At least it makes you accept reality better and you don't get hurt as much.

Last of all, I hate mushy movies. The story always goes the same way: guy/girl meets guy/girl, then guy/girl starts liking guy/girl and guy/girl also likes him/her back secretly but doesn't want to say it because he/she fears what his/her friends would say or he/she's afraid of getting fired from his/her job or something...it's so monotonous it's getting cornier and cornier. ^_~

Read my stuff!!!! And review!!! Hehehe...^_^

And you people should also check out modern-eponine's, Siren of Eden's and amethystdawn's work. Oh, and also Nic Mirusaki!!!! They're excellent writers!!!! ^_^ Rock on you guys!!!! Hahaha.

That's all I can say for now...take care peeps!!! ^_~

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