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If any of you really care about what I'm like, well, then I suppose I ought to satisfy a bit of imagined curiosity. I am twenty as of June (no longer a teen, which is sad and liberating at the same time)and am entering my junior year at college... I can nowlook down on both freshman and sophomores as my inferiors and look ahead with ill concealed terror upon the dreaded Senior Honors Thesis. Anyway, I go to Liberty University in Virginia and it is quite nice as we now have an ice skating rink of our very very own. I love my roommate. I am currently writing half a dozen books, in the hopes that one or two will get published some day. I think some of them are quite good actually *modest smile* but, well, one could say I'm a bit biased. Anyhoo, if you're wondering exactly where the name ladyariande came from, it's one of the characters for a book I am hoping to publish one of these days. I speak French and ASL, play piano and penny whistle, write my school notes with Greek symbols when bored, and plan to steal a horse if my father won't buy me one. There, now you know a few things about me. Hooray, for you. Useless information is SO much fun, isn't it?

The stories I have put up with extended edition synopses are as follows:

The Destiny Child:

First completed story on fictionpress. An insane prophetess made an equally insane prophecy that a child of two royal families would conquer the world and create an empire that would last for a thousand years. Sixteen sneaky countries made eight clever alliances and produced (because of unfortunate mishaps in some) five potential prophecy fulfillers. This story is told from the point of view of one, Galen. Mutant poodles, anyone?

Prince Alphaeus and the Dagger of Bane

This is a short story answering the question of one of Destiny Child's most asked about objects: the Dagger of Bane. What is its story? The how's and why's are all answered right here. Meet Alphaeus, a not terribly brave, but certainly well meaning prince who inherits, among many other long-named weapons, the beautiful magicalDagger that does nothing. Thisalso not terribly bright prince then accidentally figures out how to use it.That isvery shortly before the "oops" comesin.

Official Records of a FirstRate Assassin

Felicia Perthanderly, better known as Stealth, is an assassin with years of experience under her belt. So she starts a diary- or rather, an official recordbook, of her jobs. Yes, she KILLS people. And she doesn't reform. She doesn't fall in love with a victim and forsake her ways. She kills people. But is somehow lovable at the same time. Meet Stealth.

Royal Dilemma

Lani is being forced to marry a Dragon prince. How awful! How cliche. But wait a minute. Lani is a rather bloodthirsty, strongminded princess who plans to murder her hapless fiance as soon as she is able to get away with it (her mother is well aware of her plans). And as for the Dragon prince, Kaele is a sweet, sensitive, bibliophile who is frankly terrified of his fiancee and bars the doors and windows at night. Will he perish at the hand of Princess Lani? Or will their mutual dislike of Lani's badly dressed brother Landreth unite them in love? Kaele is rather pessimistic.


All she did was stick her foot out into the aisle at the very worst moment possible. Was it her fault the enchanter had a bad attitude to go along with his obnoxious air of snobbery? Then she was sent to a very dark place. And, of course, her rescuer would just have to be ANOTHER enchanter. In fact, she just keeps stumbling on them in the most aggravating fashion. What is one to do? Well, annoy the other enchanter until he wants to kill her too, of course.

All these stories are my pets and each has a special place in my book-stuffed heart. Some knock cliches into the next world (literally), some were meant to confront my innate dislike of writing romance. Some are just plain entertaining. Take your pick.

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Lord Davien MacMaclanahan is a brooding British exiled pirate prince who also happens to be a smuggler, a spy for the British government, a highlander, and a highwayman. Did I miss anything? Yes, this is meant to humorously destroy the historical romance.
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One snobby enchanter sends me to another world because I tripped him. Now I need the help of another snobby enchanter to send me home. And HE must defeat yet another evil snobby enchanter and save the universe before he will bother helping me. Sheesh.
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Every Deth Ardan grows up hearing the story: Prince Alphaeus, he who slew a thousand dragons and died singing. But everyone knows Deth Ardans have a slight tendency to exaggerate. So what really happened to poor Alphaeus and his Dagger? A short story.
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Official Records of a FirstRate Assassin reviews
I kill people. For money. Some of you are probably offended, but I'll just bet some of you have hired an assassin to do away with that really annoying girl at school so stop trying that righteous indignation thing on me. I have knives and you don't.
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The prophecy called for only one Legendary Hero. The world produced five. So, which one will fulfill the prophecy? What if four of them band together to find out? And how does the mutant poodle fit in? FINISHED AND REVISED!
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