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Hello people, I'm not so new to Fictionpress anymoreand Istill use quite a lot. My pen name is Luineraugwen the Dark Elf. Um...well there's not much to say. I live i Australia but that really all I'm going to say. I don't put up any other information about myself on the net. Can be dangerous. Hope you like my stories.

Current Stories:

Eternal Banishment: 4 chapters (Unfinished)

Silent Night: 1 chapter (Unfinished)

Luineraugwen: 1 chapter (Finished)

Business: 1 chapter (Finished) Part of a possible future story

Fall from Grace- 1 chapter (Finished) Part of a possible future story

Nalani-3 chapters (Unfinished)

Songbird- 1 chapter (Unfinished)

Kitten- 1 chapter (Finished)

Pied Piper- 1 Chapter (Unfinished)


Business is actually a part of another story of mine which I will be writing as soon as i come up with a deccent plot. I have an idea but thats it.


Luineraugwen has now taken 3rd place in a trilogy i am currently writing. I will be writing something along the lines of Luineraugwen but it will be longer and the names and the plot mayor may not be different.

Fall from Grace

Fall from Grace will have more chapters added but at the moment i can't think of a deccent way to start the first chapter. The 1st chapter won't start off from where the Prologue finished.

Eternal Banishment

I am currently not continuing with this story. I might re-write it in the future asI think I can write it better now thatI have had more practice.

Pied Piper

Is a horror story in progress. I'm actually quite proud of it. Will be put up as soon as I' ve completed several chapters.


Nalani: 1st book (currently in progress)

Rayne: 2 nd book (future project)

Ardenya: 3 rd book (future project- like Luineraugwen but will be different)

Future Projects




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