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Name: Tanisha

Age: Dix-neuf ans

Race: South Korean, but adopted and raised by Americans, and thus know minimal about my natural culture. (in other words, I can't speak nor understand Korean) but Bulgogi is really yummy!

Likes: Sleep, manga, anime, comedy, sarcasm, reading, writing, art (in many forms), the Internet, parapsychology (the study of the supernatural, in case you're wondering), taking a drive down the road, the color blue, hanging out with friends, going to the movies (when I have the money and the movie looks good), listening to music, watching musicals, James Dean, the smell of spent matches, my pets, Lucille Ball, comfy clothes, rainy days, playing with make-up, taking pictures, DDR, studying things I find worth studying, daydreaming, the names Connor, Russell and Hunter, reminiscing with others, road trips (though rarely taken, unfortunately), rice (or carbs in any form), cold cereal as a midnight snack, apple harvests, autumn weather, korean soap operas and cooking (food is yummy!)

Dislikes: Waking up early, continuous sirens or ringing noises (ie: alarms, telephones), interruptions, rude people, PMS, sexual preference as a trend, the word 'got' (so annoying and overused), trendy diets, stress, exams, sickness, arrogant spoiled brats (I'd slap my kid upside the head if they started mouthing off to me!), snootiness, closed spaces, failure, weather any warmer than 78 degrees, lawn work, inspiration blocks(those are killers!), outfits that reveal more than conceal (that's just gross, people! Leave a little to the imagination, will ya?!), insomnia and allergies.

Philosophy: "If you can't laugh at yourself, you don't deserve to laugh at others."

-"If you can't stand the heat, then make like a tree, and get the fuck out of here!"

-"Embrace your inner nerd."

So, do you know me yet?

7-8-05--9:37 p.m.

Well, until further notice, I'm giving up on adding any new stuff to my account. So, until inspiration decides to send my writer's muses back, I'll be no more than a reviewer for others. Which is fine, I guess. At least this way, I'll take a sabbatical and hopefully let my mind relax enough to get the juices flowing again sometime. I pray it to be the near future, but if not, que sera for me, neh?

Now that that's said, I'd like to recommend a few writers for ya. Check them out, will ya? I promise you won't be disappointed. Well, unless it's not your kind of story. Then you're on your own.

-Miss Katherine, author of The Demon That Loves Me-Manga-Funny with a purpose. Offers a lighter view of demons and Hell to those interested.

-Lilias, author of Spontaneity-Manga-Funny shtuff! You'll love it if you're a fan of yaoi stories!

-Okenakab, author of Average Girl and Paradise for the Fragile Heart-Both mangas-They're both just great fun! Stories of spunky girls with more up their sleeves than Penn and Teller! (wow, impressive)

-Paperbutterfly, author of MODERN ALICE-Manga-for you visual kei fans out there! What sort of bumps and swerves can an indies visual kei band get into? And what is up with Shiine already?

-U-Chan, author of Phoenix Overthrown-Manga-Formerly known as Pretty Kitty; about a man possessed by the escaped spirit of a neko woman while being pursued by a very disgruntled Keymaster. Wittiness galore and with a twist ending! This story is like my niece, so to speak-not quite my baby, but almost! Please read it, it's a really refreshing turn for manga!

Sakurazuki, author of Innocence-Manga-Another great visual kei story. I've got to say, its flow is quite smooth and natural as the events roll themselves out. There's chemistry between the characters, but you can never be sure who the heroine will end up with!

Anne Academy, author of Monkey Wrench-Supernatural-with a touch of sarcastic wit-what more can you ask for? This story follows the POV of a woman whose brother ends up in quite a rare predicament. Now, her life is full of magic, werewolves and even a little vampire mobsters. But hey, what's all that to a few laughs? Eh, eh?

There is no order of preference to this list, nor is this the limit to the number or genre or stories I read/have read. I just feel that these people deserve some promotion for their work. I don't advertise justanybody. Sorry, but I'm fickle that way.

With lovein a pen stroke,


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