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Ok. Bio. Oh wait one sec... go see my website because SOME EVIL WEBSITE PPL THINGS *glares in the general direction of the ppl site thing* stuff up the formatting! So I have a few more dooby things... written things... stories, yeah that's the one up there because the formatting is essential to the feel of the piece. La.

Name: Katie *mumblefakecoughmumble*
Age: 14
Nationality: half Chinese, half Australian
Residence: Brizzy
Height: 163 cm (I think... but i'm taller than mum! XD)
Weight: Why am I even putting this here? 43 kg
Birthday: 30th April
Loves: Cho Hakkai o^_^o
Personality: Split, one is on a permanent high, and the other is generally depressed/angsty/thoughtful/slightly suicidal
Obsessed with: saiyuki, anime, dragons, gryphons, phoenixes, crows and ravens. don't ask :P
Likes: Depressing music (aka Evanescence, Linkin Park, Gackt, etc), computers, manga, dreaming, sleeping, eating, art, lunchtime, speaking (limited) japanese, my doggies, humourous stuff, angsty stuff, shounen-ai, ju jitsu, fencing, Pirates of the Caribbean, LoTR (who doesn't?), The Matrix (all of 'em), gollum, photoshop, drawing, writing, the wind, moooooon, randomness, and other miscellaneous stuff i can't think of now but i shall put later.
Dislikes: cleaning my room/anything, boring stuff, anime girls who are annoying and helpless, this keyboard, when my computer stuffs up, stupid people (well sometimes they're funny. but other times they're just... stupid), swimming, dresses, and yes other random stuff i can't think of at the moment.

Notes: I am an aspiring anime artist. Though no matter how hard I try, I can't make my hands draw what's in my mind. I should have my pics up on my site, though i am too html-illiterate and lazy to do it. Blah.

You may know someone here called Akura Maxwell. She is my best friend. ^_^

Err... I do try and continue my stories, I really do! But somehow they all manage to fall by the wayside... -_- I'm trying really hard with Wanderer. Um... I like angst. Angst is good! Beware, my sense of humour is twisted, warped, and sort of homocidal.

Gackt is good. Gackt is cool! And yes I know he looks like a girl. Well I know YOU think he looks like a girl. Oh if you've reached this you are most definitely extremely bored or slightly insane... like me! *cough* anyway... this is the first time I've been on this sorta thing so just... please don't seek me out and set your mafia on me. I AM paranoid you know... *eyes darting* *cough* err.. anyway I shall go now.

I am extremely thankful and in debt to all my friends, they have helped me through a lot of tough times they might not even know about, but just by being there they've supported me. I love you all, guys!

Stuff in progress==

I'm thinking up another strange warped story about Frank (see Watcher)

Trying to work out the next chapter of Wanderer in my mind

Got some prompts from this other website, http:///index.cgi, be writing on some of these soon. I've got a few poems up there, if you wanna look. My pen name's Karasu

Do you guys want me to upload some of my older stories? They aren't finished, but I might be able to make up an ending quickly coz i'm lazy, or if you REALLY want them I can actually finish them properly. If you do or absolutely do NOT, please either tell me in a review (looks hopeful) or email me.
Honto arigatou!

Thanks to:
chochang913: your comments are very much accepted and ranting is good. I like penguins too, I just felt sort of... homocidally high that day :P Don't worry, they shall all come back to life... soon. ^_^ thanks for commenting!

twisted little secret: ah, a useful comment! Thankyou very much and I'm gonna try and check out all of your stuff ^_^

Earthsong12: Thanks, your comments are very entertaining ^_^ it's the pyros... and I shall continue Wanderer! Yay!

Matthew James Current: Your reviews are very insightful and I'm extremely grateful (yes the reviews have become an addiction for me too... o.O) and I love your work. I can't say that enough. It's amazing.

freethephoenix: ^^ here's your cookie! thanx for reviewing (i'd write more but i'm too lazy...

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