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A little about me:

I have many awkward moments...and conversations... in fact, tripping over words is my specialty. I am, however, an excellent listener (unless I'm overly excited about the subject, because then I interrupt like nobody's business, but I try)... And I love to have conversations that mean something.

I'm not a very mushy person...Well, actually, that's a lie so let me re-phrase: I'm an affectionate person...But other people's Public affection drives me absolutely nuts. I love studying people and temperaments (I happen to be phlegmatic/sanguine). I love figuring people out. I will test boundaries in my own ways, and I will try different ways to get a line of communication open with someone I'm interested in. I tend to do things against my better judgment. I can be fun, but in recent months/ the past year has gotten me in an incredible amount of really strange trouble. This may translate into how I tell my stories since my characters usually are a lot like me in one way or another.

I love to experiment with words. Words, sentences, quotes, figurative language, captions, funny myspace comments, witty one-liners...They make me spin. No wonder the early seasons of Gilmore Girls and Everwood are down right genius in my book.

I love to laugh, no surprise. I tend to over-react a lot... I love pictures of my friends. I enjoy eating Sloppy Joes at 10 o'clock at night... Connect Four used to be my favorite game but I lost too many times to my little brother so now it's Scattergories...I love the history channel...My guilty pleasures include Macaroni and Cheese, dove chocolate, and the Backstreet Boys, but not together.

At school I am incredibly even tempered, but around the friends I am most comfortable around I tend to be a little across the board.

As for writing, I am most susceptible to procrastination and lack of motivation, but I'm working to change that!

Most of all I hope you enjoy what I write, and review because I would love to know how I can improve. Thank you!

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