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Hello, I am BS (in this case that is short for Big Sister).

Yes, that is my name. People actually do call me that in real life. I go by no other name if I can avoid it.

I am in my twenties (at the time of writing my very, very early twenties, but ignore this because by the time I'm likely to update this I could be in my mid-twenties or my late twenties or my forties knowing me (I was in fact 22 the next time this was updated, but there you go)) and have a pet hamster called Caractacus whom I adore. He's a black-banded Syrian, lives in a giant cage and not only has more personality than I do, is also extremely good at getting his own way. If you see any hamsters appearing in my writing, blame him. It's all his fault. I'm supposedly studying a degree in Psychology (when I can be bothered) in North Wales, one of the few places on this earth where one needs a snorkel to cross the street. I enjoy many things, which obviously include writing. I have been writing at for more years than I care to admit to, which is the cause of some rather awful stories there (an unfortunate by-product of my youth), but I have here-to-fore guarded my original work a little more closely... well, because to be honest I'm a vain little madam and dislike sharing my self-perceived genius.

I have since gotten over myself, realized that I'm not the next great child prodigy (particularly because I am now too old for the title) nor a modern Shakespeare in the bud and have subsequently decided to publish a few stories for your perusal. Feel free to be as critical as you like (though a few words of balm for my delicate ego never go amiss) and do be completely honest with your thoughts on my writing style. If you like it great, if you don't also great - I am interested to hear a variety of opinions on it matter. It all counts towards a learning curve.

Having said this: Please do not spam or flame me. There's little point and frankly it's simply cruel to do that when people have spent hours of their time trying to craft a piece of work. We may not always be good authors, but such is our lot in life. It does not require abuse.

Do enjoy my work if you are so inclined, I do enjoy writing the stuff, and who knows perhaps at some point I will return the favour.



A Brief Guide To My Work.

A hate overly long Author's Notes, so anything I think you might be interested in having explained will be listed here.


: For reasons I'm not going to go into for the sake of not sounding like I'm angling for sympathy, I made quite a lot of spelling errors, especially sometimes. I do proof-read my work and I'm seeing about a Beta Reader, but if you notice anything that's slipped the net letting me know is much appreciated. Similarly with grammar, though I should be better on that front.

: I also don't much like begging for reviews, however I find it a necessary evil because it seems a lot of casual readers tend to forget otherwise. Begging seems to make a real difference. As a compromise, I've decided to post a brief reminder to review at the end of each full chapter (when the number at the start of the chapter name changes, not after each post. See Story Section) and I don't generally bother at all with poetry. My apologies to those of you who really don't need such petty interruptions to your reading, but I'm afraid I like having reviews too much not to beg at all. If I ever write anything so colossally popular it doesn't need such things (i.e. It gets more than lets say fifty reviews anyway), I will desist from any further begging and possibly, if it is possible, take all former reminders from my story too. At the moment, this seems unlikely though...

Story-Length Fiction

: Due to time related reasons I don't tend to write out my chapters whole. I have lot of University work, limited sporadic access to computers and I'd never get anything posted if I did. Instead I tend to post whenever I've come to section break and leave you with these really annoying fictionpress chapters labelled '1.a', '1.b', '1.c' etc. This may wind you up, and I am sorry for that, but for you it can possibly mean faster updates, less load-time and many more convenient places to take a break from reading - and personally I find it a much more author-friendly way of writing too, so therefore I'm afraid that for the foreseeable future things are likely to stay this way.

: Aside from begging more, another thing I feel would seriously increase my review count would be the use of less bland titles and summaries. Unfortunately the reason why they are so bland is because people like me really hate it when you're reading a story and none of the major plot twists surprise you because you've been given the lot away in the summary. For those you you who do like more info however, the summaries I might have written - along with story-specific author's notes - are given below.

: To date I have at least four stories I would love to work on here on Fiction Press - however as you might have realized above I really don't have the time for all of those. Instead what I've decided to do is (rather than picking the stories myself and inevitably picking one nobody else wants to read) finish the first full chapter of each story and after that I will work primarily on those most popular at the time. This means if I'm in the mood for a certain story I can still work on it, but in general you will only get what you want. You can check the status of each story below.

In The Arms Of Summer

Status: Work In Progress, still within first chapter

Official Summary: In the mists of a horrific war, a fateful flight to a tropical paradise begets a truly unlikely cross-class romance with the potential to rip its society to the core. A story about a forbidden love in a made-up society and its fall-out.

Spoiler Summary: She's the Princess of a falling empire, he is well... no one very much, they're both underage and they wouldn't even have met if it hadn't been for a couple of bad shipping accidents in the middle of a war, but somehow things just seem to click between...eventually. It seems like fate - until people find out. Suddenly they both face a world of difficulties and there's another much more tangible problem.

Author's Note: This was based one a really beautiful, enticing dream that I had. The story was terrific and it was full of these incredible golden and green colours and these truely gorgeous images. Good dreams are quite rare for me anyway, so I woke up with the terrible need to share it with people and this was the result. Re-reading it now I think this needs a bit of a re-write, but I'll clean it up and update it as soon as I can.

A Wisp Of Cloud

Status: Work In Progress, still within first chapter

Official Summary: When your whole life thus far revolved around seeing departed souls leave for the afterlife, death is no stranger and no great unknown. Until it's someone you know... A story about finding love and friendship and keeping them.

Spoiler Summary: Jasper Expedient Smith is a boy unlike any other. For one thing, he spends his spare time hunting down rogue spectre-eating spirit beings and helping the dearly departed get to the next world. However his world is rocked best friend dies in a car accident and he finds himself prepared to risk the impossible to get him back, until he finds himself drawn into an inexplicable love triangle with the very girls who are meant to be helping him... Can he move on after all? And who're the mysterious 'Shadowknight Association' and what's this about vampires?

Author's Note: This story is officially nick-named my 'Emo Story' (no offense to any self-professed Emos out there) purely for the amount of dark themes that kind of inevitably litter it. I mean, it deals with death and trying to resurrect your best friend - just how much darker can you get. As I said in the one of the author's notes in the story itself, I've reading too much Gothic stuff and too many stories about Japanese Shinigami (the Death God influence is rather strong here). I hope you like it, all the same. This one was also based on a dream, although in this case I've forgotten it pretty much entirely and ended up just making up a story along the general lines of the original theme. I also may be suffering from slight culture-shock writing this, as this is the first time in I don't know how long that I've written a story set not only in modern times and in a real place, but also a place I know (although the town itself is made-up. I had to give myself something there...). I mean, I hated the area when I lived there and now I'm writing a story set there... Believe me, it feels really weird!

Tick Tock

Status: Unbegun.. or begun, but every time I do some technical fault conspires to make me start all over again.

Official Summary:

Spoiler Summary:

Author's Note:

The Sword Of Justice

Status: Unbegun

Official Summary:

Spoiler Summary:

Author's Note:


: To be perfectly frank, I don't like poetry much anymore and don't often write these for that reason. Officially I gave up the genre at 16, after an unhappy modship of a poetry board left me with a deeply ingrained hatred of all things in verse. Please bare in mind that I have to be in a peculiar mood indeed to even want to write poetry (though when I do I am happy to post it for those who are interested). Basically I'm a chronic attention-seeker and there are few things I love more than reviews, so even poetry will do for that purpose.

: In general all poetry will rhyme. If the mood strikes me I may write something else, but I like rhyming poetry. I enjoy the challenge of writing it and the use of it to express mood and am generally disinclined to write non-rhyming. Those of you who don't like my style or the way I use it can feel free to critique at your leisure, but I really don't want to write any other way. Sorry.

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