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Name: Marissa Gonzales (Ed)
age: 14
live: cali
hobbies: i like to study the paranormal and i also design houses for my school class. I like anime and video games which my cousin is teaching how during school so im pretty much falling behind im my work.
Fav food: italian meatloaf
Hate food: any kind of vegetible
Fav animal: Wolf (hence the my user name)
Story in progress: my story is called Queen of shadows i know the name is a little off but i hope you guys/girls will check it out. Its not up yet but it should be up pretty soon. the story is a romance but i will make sure it isn't boring or i will never post it up but i don't think its boring and my friend steph loves it so i think it should do good. but when i post it please be honest with me and tell me if you like or not, and if i need to change anything to make to your aproval because thats all i want to do is make the reader happy.

yeah i have another story about a group of people that were cloned from Angels, more details later.

im also going to to do a mini story that has to deal with my dreams and friends but they are going to be transformed into evil horror.