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Play for me: My first attempt at one-shots. Not exactly raving reviews but it's a start. Like most of my stories after a while I notice the flaws and feel like removing it. However I'm not going to this time. The characters are based on people from the anime spiral. I decided to keep the names anonymous though.

Delayed Arrival: Just got stuck in my head and had to get it out. Longer than "play for me" but doesn't seem to be garnering any more success... Perhaps I need to work on my summary skills

Waiting: I wrote this for my friend Jenny's birthday. I used one of favorite phrases exchanges. I liked the concept but once again it didn't come out as I wanted it to. It's still a decent story but I wish I could convey more emotion in my work. Though my words seem pretty, they are my words. I want to give my characters the ability to speak instead of me describing them. Maybe next time.

Shatter: One of my favorite stories. Don't know how I got the idea. It just came to me and I knew I had to write it.

Paper Cranes: Inspired by my own endeavor. Can you guess what David's wish was? Apologies for another sad story. Maybe I'll come up with something happier in the future.

Release: Don't ask.

Distance: An exploration in metaphor and efficiency of words. Partly Inspired by Utada Hikaru's song Final Distance.

Repetition: I felt like it. It seems like my stories are getting shorter and shorter.

Ongoing projects

Call Me Crazy: This started in an attempt to get over my first relationship, that's it's purpose. There's a chance that when I do get over her I will scrap the entire thing. Of course if it's gained a little more popularity i could change my mind. I have no idea what it's about so the summary seems so off.

Vision: Yes the sequel is out already. I'll probably kick myself later for putting it up but it's just a habit. Once again this is a story that might get scrapped but for now it probably one of my best work. Which is pretty sad if you think about it.

Yes I am going to finish these one day sorry bout the long hiatus just had things on my mind.

Quote: One must never break, never yield, and always endure. Wo Bu Mi... I shall not waver

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The Promise reviews
I promised myself that I want to at least make her smile when I say my goodbye. And if you can’t keep a promise to anyone else, you keep the ones made to yourself."
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Without a reason I tapped a rose to her locker... I'm serious, I swear I don't like her.Tentative OneShot
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A couple standing at a fork in the road. Where to go? OneShot
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Vision reviews
He never needed affection. He was perfectly happy living his life alone. Nevertheless she wants to stay by his side.
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Repetition reviews
We've all seen this before and it never ends well.
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Distance reviews
Some people build walls, build defenses, trying to get as much distance as possible. All in an attempt to stop the unstoppable. OneShot
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Release reviews
He was just frustrated...
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Paper Cranes reviews
They say you get one wish after you've folded a thousand paper cranes.
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A girl walks to meet her love with love letter in hand. What more is there to say?
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They, Who?
When a gunman entered their school they gave their lives to protect others. Who were they? Read and see for yourself.
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Call Me Crazy reviews
I wanted to be with her. She says she feels the same. There's something wrong with her. Chap 5 up
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Waiting reviews
"She's leaving for a year... Are you really going to let her go without saying anything"
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Another one of my one-shots. It's hard to explain but please read and review.
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Play for Me reviews
OneShot. I'm not sure what to call this.
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