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October 6: all my ncs and dialogues are now off the site. And i have nothing to say except whoever decided these rules is a friggin moron. YOU HEAR ME? MOOOORRRROOOON! YOU DO REALIZE YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE LIKE 3 BAZILLION PEOPLE BY OCT 12 RIGHT?? RIGHT????? urrg sorry this just really bugs me. well see ya

October 5: This is a list of stories that will be removed tomorrow, october 6:
A Need for Comfort
Word of Mouth
Turn around
Washu's Talkshow: SM segment
A Love Lost for 20 Years
Almost the Vegeta/Bulma Christmas Story
Short & Sweet
Gohan's got a hairy WHAT?
Behind The Scenes of Kidnapping Vegeta
Washu's Talkshow
We Must Help Saiyaman!
Z Warriors Prepare--Screwups
An Entirely pointless story
I kidnapped Vegeta
Washu's Chatroom

That's all of them, so do with them what you like, they are gonna be off by the end of the day tomorrow. See ya

Sept 29: My NCs and chats and dialogues and bloopers will be off the site by Sunday, October 6th. I highly suggest that if you wish to save any of my fics to your personal computer, or want to put them on a different website, or just want to read them one last time, you should do it before then. I am deeply considering removing my entire account from . it just isn't the same as it was when i first signed up. I'll wait around a bit to see if they get some sense knocked into them, but thats probably not gonna happen, eh. I'll post a reminder on the 4th or 5th, then they go bye-bye. I regret to inform everyone that i will most likely not be finishing ANFC, there's no point if i can't post it. I apologize to anyone who was interested in the story. I know how you feel; there are now a lot of stories i won't be able to finish reading. comments suggestions complaints email me. ja ne

Sept 12: WELL TODAYS ANNOUNCEMENTS BITE! i might as well retire!!! i regret to inform you that i will have like 2 stories left on the site after they clear out nc-17 and dialogue/chatrooms. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW? I LIVE FOR LEMONS! aaaaaaaaah! it may sound hentai of me but who can honestly tell me they've never read and enjoyed one of them!?!? aww...now i'm sad.