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January 11, 2006(Philippine Time)

Finally an update! ^_^ I'm too lazy to write here... so yeah... check it out. ^_^

Thank you so much for reading my bio! I really appreciate it!

(AS OF 7/28/05)

Basic Stuffies:

Okay, for starters my name is Eyes of Amethyst(There is no way I am going to post my real name here!). I am a 15 year old girl living in the Philippines, a small corrupted but cool country in Asia. My birthday is sometime between January 1 and December 31. For anyone who can guess I'll give you a cookie! I am in 2nd year highschool and my favorite subject is Art and English. I like to draw and write, but I can't say I'm good at it. In fact, most of the stuff I put up here are done in 10-20 minutes tops. Except of course for my story, Lunar Chaos. THAT ONE I try to put more effort on.

Random And Useless Stuffies (this is gonna be long...):

1. I love the color purple! It's the best color in the entire world! Next would be silver, then blue, then white. ^_^
2. My birthstone is ruby.
3. My hair is dark brown (not black!), that reaches below my shoulders and above my chest. It's straight at the upper portion (near my scalp) and slightly wavy at the ends. Majority of the time I'm wearing it down (as in like, majority of the time) despite my parents' rantings on tying my hair. ^^ I only tie my hair when it's EXTREMELY hot, when I'm bored (^^;), and when it's necessary (such as for cooking class). Either than that my hair is slightly on the messy side. ^^
4. I am only 5'0" in height (VERY sad...).
5. I am basically the somewhat quiet, shy, and nice kind of girl. But don't be fooled. I can get rough and loud when I want. I have a temper, but I keep control of it... most of the time. ^^;
6. I know how to talk REALLY fast without getting my words jumbled! It's fun, because I can annoy people that way! ^^ Joke...!
7. I HATE cockroaches (especially when they start flying...), rats (the big fat ones are very... big and fat...), spiders (little spiders I can handlebut big ones...? I would start screaming my head off... ^_^;) ghosts (blame my older cousins who used to tell me ALOT of ghost stories... I'm a superstitious person) and gooey stuff (not really... depends WHAT the gooey stuff is...). But the things I'm afraid of the most is loneliness. Yeah... call me weird, but it's the truth.
8. I have an addiction to the moon! I don't know why, but I feel drawn to it. It's just so enchanting and mysterious... basically it's my favorite symbol, particularly the crescent!
9. I like the name Luna because it means moon!
10. I like the scent of vanilla. Other scents I like are of fresh air, since I live in a city (self-explanatory really).
11. My favorite ice-cream flavors are chocolate, vanilla and mocha, yet vanilla is my utmost favorite!
12. My favorite cake is Chocolate Mousse! You'll never get me away from it! Ask my parents... they'll totally agree. ^^
13. I watch anime too! Can't say I'm addicted, but I like it! I also play video games! Like anime, I'm not addicted, but I DO enjoy these two things!
14. I like to read too! Some of my favorite authors are Tamora Pierce, J.K. Rowling, and Dan Brown.
15. I am a big loudmouth and a very curious person(*cough*eavesdropper*cough*). Hey, it's not my fault I'm at the scene when juicy stuff are said!
16. There are times when I have photographic memory, because I remember exactly what happened, down to the littlest detail. But then... sometimes I'm so forgetful I ask the same question everyday without even realizing it!
17. My favorite and lucky number will forever be 7. I also like the numbers 4, 8and 27.
18. My favorite flowers are Lavender, Wisteria, Iris, and the Gumamela (note that most of them are purple! ^_^).
19. I have a liking to the jewel Amethyst, the reason should be obvious if you've read my bio from the start. ^_^
20. I like to star-gaze... when I can that is. Where I live, it's so hard to even see stars clearly. Unless of couse you go to the province... which I do once a year. It really is wonderful just to lie down and appreciate the beauty of nature.
21. I prefer the night instead of the day, but if you've been reading this far you should've figured that out by now ^_^.

Quote Of The Moment:

"Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light. I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."
~Sarah Williams

Last Remarks:

So... I guess that's all for this page! Sorry if it was long! Again I thank you for clicking at my name or even reading one paragraph of this! Take care always!

And by the way... check out my friends' accounts: boredwithlife, mahogany lampshade, laffete, crimsonshot-eyes and guitargodes's poems!They're all really good authors, but they would NEVER admit it. Yes, they're THAT humble. ^_^;

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