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Name: Eric
Age: 18
Gender: Male

News(as of 12/31/08):
~I'm in college.
~I'm back to writing
~I'm going to be a better writer
~Posted my first short story: Heads or Tails

So I know most of you, if you read my stuff, are waiting for FWWS, and I'm sorry that I've left you hanging for like six months. Well I'm back now, but don't jump up and down yet. I'm not ready to continue FWWS just yet. I want to become a better writer first. I'm going to make it through the story of Zeke and Zeke, but first I'm going to experiment with other writings first. Short stories and poetry and maybe another longer peace. But thanks for sticking with me. It means a lot.

Current Working On:
From Where We Stand.(WT) - They're both named Zeke. They got past that part easily enough

Chapter 1-The Elevator Music in the Background Only Makes the Revolution Taking Place More Ironic
(complete)Zeke's life already been in full swing for about 16 years. His ex-boyfriend wants him back. His best friends have got secrets. Now it turns out, so does his father. And it affects him in ways he never expected it to.

Chapter 2-You Can Learn So Much More with Your Eyes Closed and Headphones On
(complete)Before Zeke(B) even showed up in San Luis, they'd made decisions. Now on his first day at his new school he has to bear the repercussions of their actions. But Zeke's got his own demons, and he won't let anyone else fight them.

Chapter 3-The Easiest Way to Beat the Devil Is to Trick Him into Believing He's Already Won
(complete)With a new school year and a new friend in his life, Zeke(A) decides to make some drastic changes that not only affect him, but everyone around him.

Journal I-Sunsets and Swingsets(1973)
(complete)It's June 1973 as Kevin Liam and his friends graduate from their junior high

Chapter 4-Before Our Very Eyes the Stream of Consciousness Grew into an Ocean
(complete) Zeke(B)'s second day at school unveiled more of the twisted liaisons and secret relationships that connect the lives of everyone he's met in dangerous and threatening ways.

Chapter 5-"It Was in the Midst of Some Violent Enlightenment"
(complete) Even in the midst of two of his greatest follies, Zeke(A) finds unlikely friends in a garage, unlikely protectors in a parking lot, and unlikely comfort on the phone...

Journal II-Distance and Resistance(1974)
(complete)Kevin can only watch as freshman year and Wendy Wilkinson tear his best friends apart

Chapter 6-The Subjectivity of Objects (and the Objectivity of Subjects)
(12/01/07)Part 1 is up~
Next in Part 8: You know what goes well with the truth? Mint chocolate chip ice cream on a sugar cone. Yeah.

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Already Dead

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Please Don't Kill the Freshman
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Pretty Things
The Catcher in the Rye
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Battle Royale
Hocus Pocus
Special Topics in Calamity Physics

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Dexter in the Dark

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