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It's been a while since I've put anything up here... I decided to put my finished novel, September Bacon, up, just because I want people to read it. I wrote it in November of 2006 for National Novel Writing Month, and have spent the following months editing it and such. It's available for purchase at Lulu.com (just search for "September Bacon"), so if you're interested, I'd love for you to check that out.

I'm currently working on another novel intitled The Purple Sky, which is about two old friends who meet up completely randomly and take a cross-country roadtrip. It's still in the beginning stages, so we'll see how it goes. UPDATE: I doubt that TPS will get much farther than it has... XD I haven't touched it in a while, and I honestly just don't know where it's giong... ._.;; Maybe I'll post what I've written here to get some feedback, and maybe I'll figure out what to do with it... D:

I'm also preparing my novel for this year's NaNoWriMo. It's called December's Philosophies, and it's about two twin brothers who are identical in looks and in thoughts, but differet in actions. It's their junior year in high school, and they're just trying to get by without being beat up. And such stuff. Check out their bLog!

I've just completed a semi-short story called Numbered, which is basically about this guy who was raised as any person in our current time is raised, but lives in the 2130's. It's slightly sci-fi, because it's set in the future. Just my stab at what the future could be like. It might be part of a bigger collection of vignettes to be written during the same time period, but about different characters.

A month or so ago (January-ish) I started another story that I haven't really done much with, but I'm enjoying the concept so I might continue when I have more time. It's called April Again, and takes place at a girl's funeral and each chapter (while in first person) is from a differen't person's point of view, telling little anecdotes about the girl. All of my "Month" books are subtly linked (September Bacon, December's Philosophies (though I hardly got that one started XD), April Again, and another unnamed concept which is actually a prequel to September Bacon and thus more bluntly connected)

Speaking of the prequel, I haven't thought too much about it, but it's definitely something I'm excited about! It's Mr Price and Julia's story, which will probably end with the birth of Dys and the leaving of Julia.

I hope you guys enjoy my writing (especially my newer stuff to be posted within the next few months... The rest is, uh... Kinda sucking... XD)



About me~

I'm 17 years old (April 17th!) and live in Ohio. I graduated high school in January and am taking classes (for the semester) at Miami University. I plan on going to Tulane University for English Writing and Digital Media Production. I've been creating fictions since before I could write, but for a long time, my hobbies were fanfictions (I'm sure you can still find some of my OLD stuff on fanfiction.net, if you know where to look d: ). When I'm not writing (which is more often than I really want to admit), I'm wandering around the internet or drawing. I'm not obsessed with anime, but I do tend to draw in the anime style and I do watch some animes and read some mangas.

Um, I dunno what else to say. XD I'm a grammar nazi.. Most of my favorite teachers that I've ever had have been English teachers. 8D I'm such a nerd

I have a laptop named Conrad. He goes just about everywhere with me. XD

I think that's it. Feel free to message me or something. I love reviews (even on that nasty old stuff that I wrote YEARS ago... ._.) and I'm constantly on AIM, though I'm probably invisible, or it says I'm away, but feel free to IM me!


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