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This Is Me.

I'm a girl whose passion for reading and writing has resulted in this account online. Since the day I decide to publish my stories, I have yet to regret my decision. Currently, I'm working on three stories. The only common theme between the three would be love. Since forever, I've been a hopeless romantic and you're more likely to be able to bribe me with a romance novel than you are with a horror story. Despite my innate need to write romance stories, I've tried my best to incorporate other genres into my stories which I'd try and explain later on. At the moment, I've been writing stories based on the songs I'm listening to. I would try my best to anchor myself down to continue the three main stories as soon as I possibly can. Nevertheless, I hope you'll enjoy the stories. After all, what is a writer if no one reads the stories?

The three stories which I am currently working on, I will continue updating until I finish them before I actually attempt to start on another story. I promise.

Will you stay?
For those who have been reading my longest story yet, Will you stay?, I have not given up hope on Adrian and Heidi yet. The thumb drive which I kept my stories in has unfortunately been corrupted. I'm not very sure why, or how, but I have been unable to recover the story. Lucky for me, I found an old copy in the laptop I was using previously before I had switched to my desk computer. However, I would need a little time to pick up from where I left off. Please bear with me for a little while but I will try to finish this story before my birthday this year.

The Bomb
This was a story that started out during an English class on the first day of school. This would be the first supernatural/ghost/scary story that I have tried writing. Although the general plot is pretty clear, the various parts are still taking a little more time than expected to fall into place or rather merge together to form a coherent story. It is also quite unfortunate that I have the tendency to scare myself while writing and thus, there are only limited time slots where I can write the story. Despite the nature of the story, I am quite pleased with the way it's progressing. I just hope I don't mess it up at one point or another. I'm not sure when I would be able to finish this story, but it definitely would not be anytime this year. Maybe next year.

I seriously have no idea what I want to name this story. It would be pretty dumb if I outright explained the whole plot here but this story bends towards the supernatural. I don't have a title for this story yet because the first chapter that I wrote was just something I did when I was bored one evening. I do intend to develop this into a full blown story. I just need some time to actually work out the plot. Sometimes my characters can be pretty demanding. I would have to say that this story would be definitely taking a backseat this year but I would try to add a few chapters so that when I do come back to this story, I might a few more ideas on how to develop this story. So as of now, this story would be untouched until further notice.

As of now, that would be the three stories that are still in progress. The other three, are one shots. Two based on a song, one based on a title.

This story is based on Michael Buble's song titled "Home". When I get hooked on a song, I have a tendency to listen to it over and over again. After a while, the images of the story started coming along and so I decided to write a story based on the song. Personally, I think this has to be my best one shot by far. I actually surprised myself with the ending because frankly, I never thought I did well with one shots. There was, is never enough time to develop the story but I'm working on it. Three one shots and more to come!

Around the corner
I wrote this for a writing competition in school about eight years ago. I only made minor changes as I didn't want to totally change the plot of the story. I usually tend to change the plot of the story when I'm revising or editing. The story was also dedicated to everyone who has had a friend but lost them.

Say Goodbye
The latest addition to my collection of stories. I had been toying with this idea ever since I first heard the song. The only reason that I have not uploaded it was because I was couldn't quite figure out how the story was suppose to flow. I had actually had a whole bucket of ideas for this story. I am planning on writing some of those ideas out into one shots as well, but that would be after I have successfully completed "Will you stay?" .

Well, I suppose that would be about it. I will re edit this if I add new stories or I might one day be bored and decide to re edit this again. I can never seem to stop from wanting to edit things that I have already written. Take care and thanks for stopping by!

Till the next time we meet,

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