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Name: They call me Jules

Age: er...3064? I lost count a while ago ! 0_o

Gender: Female

Likes: Jrock...It's almost my life...Anime (ditto)...anything that has to do with Japan, I'm game with it. Bwhahaha

Dislikes: Hmm, thats a toughy. I really don't like the color pink. And people who wear pink. And people who wear those low low jeans so they're about to fall off the hips. And people who diss my writing. I try very very hard. I also don't like people who don't like anime. And sex driven maniacs! I also LOATHE PEOPLE WHO MAKE FUN OF ANYTHING J-ROCK! I CAN'T STAND IT THAT YOU KEEP POINTING OUT TO ME THAT THEY LOOK LIKE GIRLS! THEY ARE NOT GAY SO FUCK YOU!!!!!

Race: I AM NOT HUMAN. No I am solely composed of the light and the tingly feeling you get when your foot falls asleep. GO ME!

~*~Warnings ~*~
Blargh...I'm back. Yesh that's right. I'm back. You know you're scared. Okay, here's the low down fo shizzle (Rap nerds are dorks! YOSH!) I like poems. I write poems. They're my poems. If I catch you stealing MY POEMS, these are the concequences (depending on who you are and what your personality is like);

For RAP/ R&B / Hip Hop Lovers that steal my poems

- May you sit in a locked room listening to polka music with frilly pink hats on and have cupcakes and your guns and gangsta stuff decorated with rainbows and sunshine and ponies.

- May your car's not be 'Pimp' anymore!

For Emo / punk / weirdo's that steal my poems

- May you sit in psychiatrists (or w/e) office and let out all your twisted feelings out. Life isn't that bad...GET OVER IT! NO MORE TEEN ANGST PLEASE!

-May you watch a Richard Simmons marathon in a locked room with no escape.

For Pop sluts that steal my poems

YOU ARE A DISCRACE! May you burn and rot in hell you over produced pink and babay blue obsessors

- May you be possesed and kill Usher, Beyonce, Britany Spears, The simpson sisters and all those other disgraces to music.

FOr all types of people that steal my poems

- May you never speak again.

-May you shrivel up and die

-May you never eat CHEEZE again!

-May you never win at carnival games again!

~*~ NOTES ~*~

I must say that being back isn't the most splendid sensation. I can get so much better from watching J-rock fanservice. As for my friends on this site,(not naming any names) I must say it is quite a dissapointment to see you writing sappy poems about people you don't know. I know I'M BEING A HYPOCRITE! But so what? It's what I do! ^^ If you knew what was good for you, you wouldn't reply to this note in a review. I tried to keep your identity safe by giving this rant to a totally random person without a name. You know who you are. So stop being stoopid and come back to our land for one moment, please? Thanks.

You can't Dance with me reviews
A poem Dedicated to someone who has never met me before, and never will. Because he's dead.
Poetry: Love - Rated: K+ - English - Tragedy/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 107 - Reviews: 1 - Published: 1/22/2005