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Name: Catalina Khuon
Age: 12345678910 ^^
Gender: Female
Location: in front of my computer
Nationality: Cambodian
Fav anime: Fruits Basket
2nd fav: Mahou Sensei Negima!
3rd fav: Mai Hime
4th fav: Azumanga Daioh!
5th fav: Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden
fav anime guy: Alberio Imma
fav rpg guy: Keitu
fav guy: Johnny Depp
fav anime girl:Setsuna Sakurazaki(Mahou Sensei Negima!)
fav rpg girl: Yume
fav food: food ^^ ESPECIALLY udon,crepe and sushi ^^
fav song: Whisper by Evanescence
fav band: Evanescence
fav anime song:
fav music genre: Hybrid and Techno
fav thing to say: "M'dear"
2nd fav thing to say: "Indeed"
Obsessed with: anime,cats,anime,cats,anime,cats,anime,cats, llamas o.o
fav male seiyuu: Seki Tomokazu
fav female seiyuu: Rie Tanaka
fav manga artist: Yuu Watase (fushigi yuugi,alice 19th,ayashi no ceres)
fav anime director: Akitarou Daiichi
Greeting: "' Heyas!"
Interests: Writing,Anime,J-pop,J-rock, Drawing
Fav Color: Azure
Fav random thing to say: "Don't make me grope you!"
Two words: confusing...creative
Asks: "Please y'all, I need reviews so I could get better..."

Example of What Cat's mind hides:

falls off a cliff with a bag* I CAN FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * lands on a Yahtzee base* I am entering a crime scene...
mission impossible theme playing
Yahtzee leader: torture the information out!
Yahtzee: *bites a random twinkie's head*
random twinkie: ARRET PAS MOI!!!
Twinkie leader: sacre bleu! We not le tell you le anything!
Yahtzee leader: i shall ask again...WHERE IS THE CREAM FILLING?!
Twinkie leader: Me no le tell 3
me*barges in and eats everyone* :3

-Top 5 favorite Favorite Couples-
( In order of importance )

SetsunaxKonoka (Negima)
TohruxKyou (Fruits Basket)
NurikoxHotohori (Fushigi Yuugi)
SasukexSakura (Naruto!)
PainexRikku (Final Fantasy X-2)

Brought to you by Cat's randomness )

Oh and my writing skills to me...are only decent...But I do know that i get better with each update ( like. a whole lot better :D)

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