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Hey. I love to write so any way please read and review my stuff, Umm...

I am so bored at the moment. I have absolutely nothing to do this summer, so that’s why I’m working on this thingy.

I’m a girl if you haven’t guessed. You can tell by my stories. If you have any ideas for my storied just email me, or write a review so, I hope you like my stuff

I only started to like reading and writing a year and a half ago. So I probably suck at writing. Hope you still read it. I think I’m getting better.

I live in a really boring place. Moo Town, I hate living here. I want to live in New York. That’s why my character Alex lives in NY.

I like to draw! But I really suck at drawing. My friend Sara is really good at the whole art thing.

I love to listen to music. I either listen to whatever my sister put on her computer, or her CDs, or the radio my sister has great taste in music. I’ve been listing to a lot of old music, (as in the 90s and 80s) I like TLC, Lauryn Hill, Ani Difranco, Marcy Playground, Erica Badu., and a lot of other bands/people.

I hate singers who can’t sing, like Britney Spears, and Hillary Duff, who said they were good at singing or acting? Sorry if you like them, but they SUCK!!! And I know some (really messed up) people who like them. If you wanna argue about if they can sing or even act, bring it on! Cuz I know I can take you!

I love TV, but my mom took away the cable. She’s the only one who doesn’t watch TV in my family. We are all dying without it.

Most favorite of all favorite quotes: “I can take him, we could take him… no we couldn’t.” – said by Nina, Sara, and Me

I have lots of recomnadations.
First read On the Banks of Loch Lomond by emmaline007 http://www.fictionpress.com/read.php?storyid=1627334
And if you are on Fanfic, read War Bites, by born-diva it’s really good! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1832009/1/

So some of my poems are really stupid, I write them when my emotions are all over the place. They’re always based on my emotions, or anything that happened to me.

I use a lot of things that happen to me in my stories. Like in Maya, I wrote a lot of chapters around the beginning of June because the guy Noah is based on came over for my birthday. And also in the Maya story, I met a guy playing soccer, only at a drive-in not Kathy-Johns. So sorry about the whole not updating thing. I’ll try my hardest to do something exciting this summer so there will be something for my story.

oh if you read clouds, i dont feel that way any more, and i am so happy that i dont, cuz it sux when you feel that way, and i'm in such a better mood!!!

ok so the missing you, clouds, and to be in your arms poems are about this guy that i thought i loved and i thought he loved me too, but apparently he and my friend love eachother, so yeah, i still sort of like the poems, but i dont like the person its about


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i wrote this along time ago when i was all depressed hah emo peom R&R
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Things have Changed reviews
this is just about me and this one person who i used to be like bestfriends with only ten times that, ummm u'll get it if u read it, i havent put something in here for a long time, so i hope u guyz like it.
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i wrote it today, about this one person, who i care a lot about. we wont get to see each other for a long time, and i wish the wait was over. to this person, you kno who you are, actually alot of people know who you are. lol, any way please R&R
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random thoughts reviews
i wrote it when i was mad at my dad, and somehow, it went away from the point, which i dont remember it the frirst place, please tell me what you think.
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so you dont like me? reviews
This is for girls who likes a guy alot, but he doesnt like you back. (it can be for guys, but it's from my perspective so it works better for girls) who ever it is, the feeling sucks! please R&R (some swearing)
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it's about how boy crazy i get, how it affects my freinds, and who i like now. please R&R
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it's rated for future chapters. it's about a girl holly and all the problems she had to go through-school, friends, divorced parents, and alot of other stuff.
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Maya's summer with Noah, and her life during freshman year. none of this is true, except the part about a guy coming over to my house every year for my birthday! yeah, it's great. please R&R
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it's just a poem i wrote when my parents were treating my sister better than me because she is the favorite. its kina weird, and screwed up. please R&R
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