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Tomo Trillions is a eighteen year old music addict. She loves fanfiction, fanart, reading and classical music. She plays the clarinet in her school band, reads all the time, and enjoys bouncing ideas around with her friends and playing video games. She is very fond of third person speech.

She aspires to one day become a published author.

Despite the High Angst Level (tm) of many of Tomo's fanfics, she is really a very happy person, and loves to get feedback of any sort, reviews, random hellos, guestbook signings and such.

http:///lyricwheel - The Good Omens Lyric Wheel project! GOstyle!
http:///tanoraweyr - Tanora Weyr - RP in the world of Anne McCaffrey's Pern!
http:// - Le blog de Tomo... she says interesting things, on occasion.
http:// - An original character slashy roleplay blog. ^-^;

Half finished projects waiting in the wings:
Awoofic - Massive Harry Potter AU, co-write with Whitecat
Jechtfic - Farplane post-game FFX fic. JechtxAuron yaoi - complete -
Keeping it Real - Non-slash Good Omens fic. On hiatus.
Old Ways - Dark is Rising Will + Bran slashfic
Random FF9 fic - Because Zidane is awesome.