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Disclaimer: Grammar and I have a mutual relationship. We don't like each other. If you have anyproblems with the text and grammatical errors, please, take it up with Microsoft Word XP and not the author, me.

okay, those of you who know me and are avid readers of my writing...which I know there aren't many,I'm extremely sorry for the long...delay of anything I've written. I mean the only thing I've written in a very long while has been stuff for school. I'd like to re-start my healty habits of both reading and writing...I do quite enjoy it...so hopefully you'll be seeing some updates on old things as well as new things.

If you just come and read one of my stories and really beg of you to read another...at least two would be lovely... and please...I PROMISE you if you read one of my horrid poems and go read one of my stories, you'll be a lot more pleased. My poems are just emotional up-chuck that should probably be ignored.

It'd be also greatly appreciated if you'd review...and although I absolutely LOVE getting lovely reviews of how great it is...it really doesn't help me much as a writer and as my English teacher says, "you can't just say it's wonderful, cause it's not." and she's really right...I don't think anything anyone writes is perfect, not even in published books, there is always room for some sort of improvement. So what I mean is, you can tell me how much you enjoy it...but then, please go back and critically judge my work

Okay, now some things about me...

I'm a freshman, I'm fifteen and I'm in color guard, and now that the marching band season is over, I'm extremely sad...and I'm now playing my beautiful flute in concert band. I'm a MAJOR band geek...and I'd recommed anyone to do band...it's a really awesome experiance and there are many options out of high school to explore with music. I come from a great band and we have a great director. I'm takingGerman I and I'm taking English Honors 9 which is an awesome class,everyone thinks that it's extremely hard,but it's not, the teacher just expects more critical thinking and participation from you...also growth in writing and reading and processing of those both. As for German...well I'm not sure, but you could probably see something german come up in some writing...I'm not exactly sure what else to say here...


Goddess of Light -I wrote it about two years ago and It's going to need to be completely rewritten...there are only a few ideas that are good and a few characters that are solid.

Starry Night - Just something I wrote for my English class

Huntress of the Night - This is probably my favorite thing I've been writing. I really love it, and I know where I'm going with it...so you can expect an update soon ^_^

Finding the Way Out - This is just another something I wrote for my English class...some people think I should expand it... and I might expand it to another storyidea I had...

You - ... I don't remember why I didn't erase that one along with the rest...

The Vampriess - This one was my pride and joy for a long time... I started writing it a long time ago too... the story line is seeming quite childish to me... I think I might rewrite a little.

Princess of her own World - this is the best finished I've ever written. I just heart it ^_^

I have AIM, Yahoo, and MSN messenger

Main sourse of Email - Prinzessin_der_ewigkeit@

AIM - Prinzessin Avery

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and so she stood alone and cold no longer so bold
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Just some thoughts I wrote down when I was thinking
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The title is pretty self explanatory but, I am going to try and summarize this without giving away too much... Avery is befriended by Leo, the school bad guy. He will be the one to reveal her ancestors past, her future
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A Forbidden Love.
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