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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Hi all. This is my first attempt at writing an original fic, butit is by no means my first time writing. I am actually more to the fanfiction side really, and it was through that I got to know Fictionpress.

I am a horrible daydreamer, I like to think up storylines alot, and I gravitate dangerously towards MS-ish, cliched plots. But that is just me. First and foremost, I write for myself, then for the readers. I won't apologise for my stories, but I welcome all types of critique. After all, 'Stick and stones can break my bones but words will never burt me'.

Come on. Give me your best shot then. :)

Enough of that. I think that I have revealed enough about myself are not here for my entire life history. No offense, but I do not wish to be the proud owner of a profile page so long that it takes ages to scroll down to the most important part - the stories. Besides, I am pretty sure that no one will be reading this, longwinded as it is.

That's it. Signing off here.

P.S.: By the by, it's nice to be back in a writing community again.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Great news. Koibito no Ryu has been nominated for the SKoW awards under Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi (Incomplete) section. This is pretty exciting. I will do my best, dear readers! Also I have found two wonderful betas, Mori and Lulai. This is a good week!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hey, all! Sorry for the lack of updates in this little bio thingy. Koibito no Ryu won the SKoW awards! Many thanks to all who have voted!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I have updated some of my other accounts. Here are the links for those who are interested.





Story Synopsis

Title : Koibito no Ryu

Genre : Romance/Supernatural/Fantasy/Manga

A/N : The title roughly translates into The Dragon's Beloved in Japanese. I am actually very confused as to which genre this fic should fit into. At the moment, I shall put it under romance.

Sumary :

Sarea McKinley is an uni-undergrad, studying medicine inthe modern world. She also happens to be a dragon's lifemate. Not just to any dragon, but to the most stubborn, rude, overbearing dragon that she had ever encountered, not that she had ever encountered any in her entire life.Tentei Ryuhara fell into her life literally, and then expects her to drop everything she was doingto follow him back to his world, just because he happens to bethe crown prince there. Naturally, Sarea wasn't very happy about it, not that she had any choice in that matter, if his meddling family had any say in it. She is fiercely independent, whereas he was raised with the knowledge that nothing will be denied to him. It will be a very interesting battle royale ahead.

A/N : I had been toying with this 'dragons and lifemates' idea for a very long time, I don't even remember when this started anymore. In fact I have begun writing this fic a few months ago to 'test' it out, and it actually flowed quite well. No thoughts about it, I choose this to be my first fic. All comments are welcome, as usual.

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