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Nothing new going on and I haven't updated in forever but only because I finally managed to make my own website to host my stories (and other good fics and lemon-related materials). The site is above, in case you want to check it out. Life sucks now that Fanfiction.Net has decided to do away with NC-17...
Anyways, I'm 21, into anime, fiction, writing, drawing and j-music. And I'm so bored of life, I may just go write another current fave anime is Inuyasha so that might be next...also, I've been thinking of adding a hidden chapter to A Separate Existence, a What If... to it in the case of, "What if Sakura had actually given herself over to the Dark Syaoran?" Hmmm...I'm in the mood and I have good music going on so maybe I will...
“Karada o moyashite aru ga mama no sugata ni nare”
"Burn this body and reveal the true form." - Cube - Gackt