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The Authors

There are two of you?

Yes. Cyres and Ty. We decided to combine styles and make Descent of Ash and Dust. We write at a glacial pace, but what we produce is quality.

Thank you for spent the time to delve through our work and pen an earnest review! Hopefully you enjoyed it. Constructive criticism is always appreciated and almost always greeted with reciprocity. If you read our stories, give us some feedback.

Critique and Praise for Descent of Ash and Dust

The Good

From “Stop The Press”, 2nd ed.

“There is a work I discovered a month or so back, a little-touched gem that was set in a world so rich with culture and history that one might find it hard to concentrate on the story at hand. In a good way, of course. It is called Descent of Ash and Dust, written by the duo of Cyres and Ty (their names double as their pen name! Classy!) and is updated when a chapter passes through their rigorous editing and revising process. Give it a look- its one of the most professional and captivating fantasy stories I've had the pleasure of reading."

From Peer Reviews:

I like the way you write: the exaggerated grittiness of it, the larger than life characters, and the detailed settings. Dhar is a main character of great potential, and I'm looking forward to watching him change for better or worse.

The characters are very cool: moral ambiguity totally does it for me, and Dahr is creepy and driven and fascinating in roughly equal measures; Guunlath too is suitably nasty and vicious without ever slipping over into two-dimensionality.

The magic system that it operates within ought to be interesting.

The system you've set up for magic totally interests me…

Nice imagery there. Love how it reads and looks in my mind.

I love description, and you've got a knack for detail I don't come close to…

Can't wait to see the next part! Good work, you two!

Very very good first chapter (err, prologue), I will return later ... and finish off this excellent beginning.

The prologue was lovely, graphics-wise. The imp, the potions, the light-effects, they all added to the richness of the atmosphere

…extremely visceral … Normally, I take battlefields as casually as the next jaded teenager, but something about your description did it in for me.

I was still surprised by how well-written this story was. You seem to have a vast and intricate world well fleshed-out already...

The Un-Good

From Peer Reviews

(It goes) on and on with description…

I wasn't exactly put off, but I got a bit lost in all the descriptions

… there are all these long slow-moving pieces of exposition…

There's this sense of action, of drama, that's not quite present… (Penned prior to our revisions)


Descent of Ash and Dust (Ty and Cyres)

The story of Dhar Porjune.

As of 4/2008:

Previously posted chapters have been deleted. Starting sometime in April, updated versions of them will be released on a regular basis (monthly or bi-monthly). After a long year of waiting (and writing) a host of new chapters will follow.

The Dances of Dusk and Dawn (Cyres)

The dances are a series of interwoven storylines set in a brutal world at a convergence.

The Song of Kenosha

A proven drafenaye, a masked shade, Kenosha Karanlik is a young drafo with a horrible secret. A dark truth that will force him to abandon everything he has ever known, and flee half-way around the known world. Yet fate is not so easily outrun, and the world is beset against the young drafenaye. Foreign lands are as exotic as they are turbulent. Cities seeth with malcontent and conspiracy. Empires and kingdoms war. Even the Gods and Goddesses stir and clash for dominance. Most troubling, the ancient, dark powers of the world have begun to stir.

Kenosha’s survival hinges on embracing the demons of his soul-- that which drove him from his homeland-- but he may find that salvation and damnation walk hand in hand.

As of 1/25/2008:

Removed. Being worked on. Will re-post later.

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