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my name is love and shadow... weird huh? umm, i just couldn't think of a name. i thought of love, then i thought of shadow. love and shadow. so be it. amen. hehehe... okay, ramblings, ramblings. that's me.

here's my bio.

name: love and shadow (i told you already)
nickname: L&S (for short)
age: you can guess. i'm 14! i'm 25! i'm 30! i'm 50! i'm 3000 years old! whatever you wanna think.
gender: male. no, female. maybe gay?
lifespan: i'm immortal!!! hahahaha! i got a few loose screws so bear with me.
species: human! oh, wait... perhaps vampire? werewolf? centaur? DOG?!?!
location: somewhere-on-planet-earth, solar system, milky way galaxy, the universe. this is pretty vague, so here's a clue: english is my second language
favorite songs: oh, umm, actually its been suuuch a long time since i last watched mtv that i don't think i even have a favorite song.
favorite movies: oh, i likemost good movies. though i don't really watch many of them.. let's see.. i like the Phantom of the Opera, Troy, and Star Wars.
motto: "Great evil comes in beautiful packages."

whatever. i'm gonna be surprised if you even read this bio made by a person with obviously some loose hinges. so, that's basically IT.

Info and my own comments on my stories: (as of 08/13/05)
-Dolls -My latest story. I think it's my shortest piece. Not much of a bother, so please read it.
-Countdown to 12 Midnight -I really like this one. Apparently it's more popular than some of my other stories.
-Monstrosity -i guess it's okay but i didn't get too much feedback for this one. it's my first humor story ever.
-A Crimson-eyed Black Cat -Badly titled, and bad summary as well. But the story itself is good I swear. I'm pretty proud of it . I lowered the rating from M to T, following my friend Scraper's advice. Please read and review
-Figures in Black -an okay title, bad summary. The story isn't on my usual standard. I finished that in 30 minutes. It's not one of my best.
-Just Your Average Rape Story -ah. I love this one. It's really good, for me at least. I'm not a great writer, but this is one of my better works. I did not put much gore here because the rating is only T, and I already pushed it with the theme of the story.
-Just Your Average Rape Story Version 2 -a second version of the one above. I made it just so I can put the gore and descriptions meant for the original story, so I made the rating M.
-IT -a tiny little fic I made in response to Slave to the Voices' writing challenge 2.
-PrettyWhite37 -just judging from the number of reviews, this is my best so far.
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