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~:-Welcome to the engaging world of Enterwonderland-:~

The fiction team Enterwonderland was created on March 13, 2004. The team consists of two female writers and artists (Tokyo Shorty and Sweet n' Yummy) who were inspired by the Japanese way of storytelling, particularly manga. After an extended break and redesign, we are finally back with plans on a wave of several 're-vamps', or 're-designs' to our line-up of stories. As always, even during these changes, we will strive to continue providing the essence of our character's hearts and lives. Enjoy!

Tokyo Shorty: Hello everyone! it's good to be back. Over the last few months I have been practicing on my writing skills, as well as deepening the characters I write about. Hopefully, my efforts will prove rewarding. Here are a bit of my plans for the upcoming months:


Crimson Tides: NEW! My newest work in progress. The story centers around demons and magic, and has some of my richest (in my opinion) characters I have ever created. This story was inspired a very long time ago by just a song... in Midi format... and kinda just grew from there. I hope you all will let me know what you think!

Kamikaze Damasu: (Gingetsu, Kiri, ect.) Though our plans are not definite yet, their will be a possibility of shortening the single stories so that readers will be able to read the combined characters' story quicker. Furthermore, Sophisticated Gentlemen is looking to be added as a side story to Kamikaze (Tetsuya is the brother of one of the characters) so look out for that! Also, this may be a sad moment for some, but Kiri's actual sex might change! Oo~

Sophisticated Gentleman's Club: Please see above. ^^

Cutey Curry: After learning how to write a real script in correct format, I am planning to revise the chapters (especially Chapter 2) so that the story is more easy to follow.

Artwork for my stories is available at:

Cutey Curry
Kamikaze Damasu and Others

~~~~*~~~~~Sweet n' Yummy's Bio:

Sweet-n-Yummy says: I appreciate constructive criticism, other's opinions, and praise as well. And I LOVE BOY on BOY STUFF! (hehe...boy ON boy... I have a sick mind... *evil grin*

I'll start by saying that I am a total 'CLAMP' fanatic!! Though I'm not totaly into thier new stuff...

However 'CLAMP' did inspire me to write and create my own stories... though I've NEVER ripped off any of their 'works' because I have too much respect for them.

About Me:

Age: I'm a bit younger than Tokyo Shorty and a bit more on the crazy side...
Real Name: is ( ?) I don't know... but I will tell you that I come from the Moon!
Hair: I have pink hair usually styled in long pig-tails.
Eyes: cerulean blue (but-not-the-deep-pools-of-blue-that-pierced-into-the-hearts-of-all-who-look-at-them, kind of blue, just the cerulean kind of blue. If you've been reading on Fiction Press for a while, you'll under stand that joke.)

About my style on Fiction Press:
When I work on a story with Tokyo Shorty you can be sure almost all of the character development (and jokes) are mine!!!
It's just more my thing than it is hers...though Tokyo Shorty takes the cake when it comes to the plot but I usually think of the ending of the
story. Eeecckk! I'm making myself sound like I have an ego bigger than the size of the Earth!!! Sorry Tokyo Shorty, we're equals! =^--^= I also LOVE E-MAIL! AND REVIEWS! AND READING! AND WRITING! AND TOKYO SHORTY'S CRAZY LITTLE KITTY(who's always running into walls)! AND TOKYO SHORTY(who's has always been my bestest friend)! AND BOY ON BOY STUFF!... wait... I think I already mentioned that... mmmm... boys together... mmmm...

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