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Hey this is the pen name to my friend and i. I'm BloodKnives and CrookedRainbows is my best friend. I love CR soooo much! So I decided to start an account with CR. Things are written by either or (hopefully) in the future by both of us. We may add a little info about us as individuals, but for now, I'll talk about us together.

We are very weird, and are crazy antics have led us to walking our city, stalking a friend's house, and assembling Ikea furniture (don't ask). We are both so alike that it is scary sometimes. We both like kinky stuff but in different ways and at different levels (either u get it or not).

Most of these r by me but if CR wrote it, it is mentioned. I have another pen name that is exclusively mine. It has poems and stories and my favorites so please go to that as well. It is thanks!

More should come about us if u guys really want. Until then bye bye!