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Name: Emerald
Age: 18
Location: haha yeah right.
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(Kickass song)'s really time to clean this profile up. There's waaay too much stuff on here. So i'm cutting it to the basics. No one really needs to know my school, hair color, hobbies, etc. anyways.

About reviews, I love them. Doesn't every writer on this site? But I would love them even more if my writing is judged when needed, because I know that I make tons of mistakes. If it wasn't for Leanna you guys probably would get lost, lol.

Oh, and make a mental note that English is my sleeping period, for real.

Request to my readers:
I am not perfect. I never will be, nor do I wish to be. It's boring. So I know that my stories are even less perfect than I am. I want all my readers to promise to throw whatever constructive critism they have at me. Fire away. You find something wrong, weird, anything that doesn't make a bit of sense, or even the usual grammar and spelling then let me know. Do not let this discourage any of ya'll from reviewing if you can't find anything. That's fine, I don't just like certain reviews. I love them all, honestly, it makes me feel loved. Plus i'm not the best at finding mistakes either, believe me when I say that i'm naturally oblivious to such. Lol. I'm sure i've stressed this issue a few times, maybe. I remember once or twice. I do need a Beta pretty bad, and sometime soon I might apply for one.
Thanks - Emerald


Midnight Calls/Hellview:
These first few are pictures of actors/actresses that resemble my characters and other significant things. The ( )'s is the actor/actresses names or just specifies.

Ana (Alexis Dziena):
Christian (Chase Ryan Jeffrey):
West (Jensen Ackles):
Adrienne (Jill Latiano):
Abbie (Emily Browning):
Ana's House:
Nathan (Toby Hemingway): (but with brown hair)

I just want to point out that the reason that they all have new cars is because there's lots of money involved in the hunting job, lol.

Adrienne's Car (2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse):
West's Car(2007 Ford Fusion):
Christian's Car(2007 Nissan Altima):

Dark Descendants Series:
Book One: Midnight Calls: Ana, a troubled teen, is thrown into a world of vampires, werewolves, premonitions, and the one thing she's been waiting all her life for: love.

Book Two: Hellview: Ana begins to get used to hunting vampires. She is a hunter afterall, and it is her job to kill one if they get out of hand, so she definitly never expected to fall in love with one, Christian Adams, her friend and now enemy when everything went wrong in their last fight. But when a rogue vampire recks havoc in Minneapolis, and a night out causes said vampire to catch her scent, Ana quickly finds herself running for her life because this vampire isn't normal. He's stronger, faster than anything she's ever seen, and it may take another vampire to stop him...

Book Three: Title Unknown, and i'm not posting the summary just yet. Just know that there is a third.

Here is my myspace:
Add me if you want, I love to meet new people.

Have no trouble IMing me, I like to talk sometimes, lol, especially when i'm bored.

Thanks and Updates

To my readers: I want to thank everyone that has read Midnight Calls, and is still reading it. This is the first story that I have ever completed (we'll see how the next books fair), and i've never had so many reviews. The evidence is below. I also want to show my appreciation to any readers that have read my other stories. You honestly don't know how much I love ya'll, lol.

6/7/08: Sorry for late updates, and soon they're going to be horribly late. It's not that i'm busy, because i'm not, it's just that I have to re-write everything that I already have done. So just bear with me, thanks.

6/15/08: Chapters 1-5 of Midnight Calls has been edited but I haven't uploaded them yet. And I think I have snow blindness from staring at this white computer screen for forever. If I didn't brake my printer then this could have gone a lot faster, and my eyes wouldn't have to suffer so much. gah.

Random Facts:

-I still don't have my driver's license.

-I have been known to put cooking oil in a pan to cook bacon, only to realize that bacon makes its own oil, and winded up with black bacon.

-I have actually injured people while attempting to escape the wrath of spiders and june bugs. I hate those things =P

-Obviously I can't cook.

-I tend to accidentally catch things on fire, like a rag for example, when i'm trying to cook, haha.

-I'm the most clumsy person to walk on this earth, for real. I'm definitely danger prone.

-Apparently i'm pretty funny, haha, at least according to my class and friends.

-I'm lactose intolerant, which sucks =P

-That's all I can think of, lol.

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