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Hi! I'm from The Netherlands and I love to write things, all kind of things. I've posted only some poems up till now, but maybe in the future I'll post some of my original stories as well. I started with writing fanfics which I stopped doing, because it got boring to me and I wasn't that good.-.-; Now I'm working on three original stories, two of them with a friend of mine and one by myself, but that's in Dutch, as I'm Dutch. I'm thinking of translating it into English but that's a hell of a job and I'm worried it won't come out too well. If anyone is willing to read it, just ask me and I could mail you. I have one finished short story by now, called 'Crazy, right?'

Most poems on here are a bit older since I haven't gotten around to writing new stuff lately. Hence the spelling mistakes you'll notice here and there. I am aware they're there and my English is better now, but I'm too lazy to go and edit them all hehe.
Anyway you'll hear of me all too soon again I'm afraid.

If you can look into the mirror without laughter, then you have no humor

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Note: Anyone who wants to know who the mythelogical heroine of Still Time is, the answer is on the bottom. To those who haven't read this poem of mine yet, please read first, it will be more fun I think

About my work: I don't really know how to describe the things I write, and I won't go there either. But the least I can say is that I don't write sappy fluffy love poems, (the one that comes closest to it is perhaps Colour), I don't like it that much and I don't seem able to write those either. (maybe that's why I don't like that.. :p ) In my poems I do deal with feelings as love, but it's different and most of poems have a bit of a dark feeling because I seem to find more emotion and depth into that, that.. and I'm quite a skeptical person. But that's just me of course. I also don't use difficult words, I think. First off I don't really know that much of the difficult words because I'm Dutch and secondly, I have read quite a bunch of poems of people who do and they impress me yes, but I find it hard to understand and it looses my interest. They go on and on in descriptions with difficult words, and that's okay, but not my style. I'm a simple human being so I keep it simple :D If someone reads my poem, I don't want them to not understand it because I used a lot of descriptions with very difficult but beautiful words, if they don't understand it anyway, I want it to be because they just don't get how my mind works, or because it just totally sucks and I didn't write it well. That's easier. :P
Some people, ok a lot, write out of own experiences, but that's not how I work. If I would have experienced all of the things in my poems, my life would be a total mess, XD. So most of the emotions described in my poem aren't mine, but in a way I always bring a personal touch to it. And like this all my poems have a piece of my heart, but of course one poem has more pride of me than another.

Well there isn't much more about me except that I'm crazy and my family is just insane.. really.. -_-
And thank you if you were interested enough in me to read all the way up till here.
Mail me if you want to know more or if you just want to flame me or anything at all. Don't be afraid I won't bite.

And remember: Everyone is somebody else's weirdo!
and another one: People ask for critiscism but only want praise. (I'm not an exception, so please be gentle in your flames) .

Note: The mythelogical heroine of Still Time, is Odysseus' Penelope. :D

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