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If anyone is curious bout the little cutie in my profile picture, that's chibi Jishin!

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11/18/2012 - Finally! My new PC is built and is AMAZING! The files have been recovered and I'm slowly getting back into my writing groove. The last few years have been very turbulent for my writing, especially MIST, and I very much apologize to anyone still stopping by and awaiting the next installment. At least now, the gears are finally beginning to turn again. Cheers!

Upcoming chapters!
Status Updated: April 9th, 2010

(UPDATED APRIL 9TH 2010!)Project M.I.S.T. - Chikyuu: Rated 'M'. Yuuku, Kainashi and Makura have all been captured by Vicious and are already being prepared to be sold for reasons specific to each of them by the leader of Vicious, Zabuto. How will they escape this situation, to eventually become as they are today?
Progress: Episode 24-3 and Episode 25-2 in progress. Episode 25-1 completed.

Yume No Hokousha : Rated 'T'. Tada has awoken in a strange world where no one is familiar to her, yet everything feels safe. She has been declared the Dream Walker of the Seishou Clan, but is she willing to accept this new title? And most importantly, will people surrounding her life in the strange world ALLOW her to accept the title?
Progress: Next chapter post unknown

Forever Part of You:
Progress: Cancelled for now, unsure if it will continue.

Until later! :D

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Project MIST: Chikyuu: Season One reviews
A princess hunted for death by four self proclaimed assassins. Seven warriors with no knowledge of their true identities or their duty to her. After eleven years, all will finally be revealed. What now of their fates? The answers may not be so clear-cut.
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Reflections are not what they appear to be. What if Earth was not alone, when in reality there was a reflection which revealed both the past and a possible future? Can it be changed? Can the age old tradition be broken in order to save both worlds? R+R
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