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Hello! This is Faded Requiem (don't ask me the meaning of the name, I just thought it sounded cool) AKA The Pumpkin Headed Genius. I'm a 16 year old Canadian girl of Irish descent. I love to read and write (I mean, why else would I be here?) and my expertise is in Fantasy/Science Fiction/Action Adventure. I haven't posted anything on this account just yet, but so far I'm working on a long Fantasy/Action Adventure story.

A Shattered Fantasy(working title)
It's basically your generic 'group of young people go out on a quest to save the world' type story, but with a humourous side and descriptive action sequences...I'm just kind of thinking it up as I go along heh heh.

The first chapter is up and I'm already half way through writing up the second, but I'm getting my butt in gear and am studying really hard for the exams coming up. I've got math this semester, which I loathe in it's entirety. But, anyways, whatever.

Suggested Reading
I'm kinda extremely new here, so I only know one author who I seriously thinks rocks. More shall come soon, though!

Cutlass317-Author of "Outcasts", which is by far one of the most amazing stories I've read to date. She has a hand for imagery that I could only wish for, so go read her stuff! Go, shoo!

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When evil overtakes the land, a group of four must face their fears and bear arms against the darkness.
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