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Ok, fyi, I just write my poems, most of the stuff never really happened to me. Anyway, this is me.

Name: Theresa R.
Age: 13
Birthday: December 31st, 1990
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown with natural Red highlights
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Glasses?: Yes.
Picture?: http:///Private/home.aspx?user=SaraiN Go there, you can't miss it, trust me.
Occupation: School
School Attending: Why do you care? I don't...but Mr.Vandenburg creeps me out...
Height: Who cares? Tall enough. 5 foot something I think...
Weight: About 70 lbs.
Location: My dad's computer room.


Foods: Pizza, Icecream(1: Blue moon, 2: Super Man), Cake,((Honestly, who DOESN'T like those?)) Tuna Helper, Salmon Patties, Spaghetti

Candies: Sixlets.

Places: My best friends roof, my room, the beach, school((Oh GOD! Did I just say, er, type that!!??!!))

Types of Music: Country, Pop and Modern or Light Rock
Music Stations: B93(93.7), W LGHT(or something like that) (96.something) And "THE NEW STAR!! 105.7(105.7)

Things(VERY General): Pickels, computers, music, food, sweets, salty things, writting, ANIME!!!

Animals: Dogs, Cats, fish, hamsters, birds, panthers, tigers, dolphins, and horses I guess...

Mythical Animals: Unicorns, Pegisi, Uni-Pegisi, PHEONIX!!!!, displacer Beasts, Dragons etc.


Foods: lima beans, most beans in general and Hot/spicy stuff

Candies: Hot/spicy stuff and Sour stuff

Places: The car, my house, my yard, my block, the Dentist's office, really tiny boxes(Does that count?)

Types of Music: Rap.
Music Stations: Anything playing Rap.


Hobbies: Writting, drawing Manga, Science, Hanging with my best bud, just *Imagining* stuff, listening to Music!!

Personal Freak rating(1-10): 28
Someone Else's Freak Rating(1-10): I don't know, so far I haven't gotten close enough to anyone to ask...-

~*~*~*~*~*Story Status~*~*~*~*~*

General: OK, now I'm waiting to get the computer long enough to type it up...*sigh* Thats always my problem....

Rain Child: OFFICIAL STATUS*In Progress* ~*~*~*~*~ A/N:Ergh, now I got writter'sblock! ARGH! *is pulling out hair* ...*stops* Well, at least it gives me a chance to try and work with diffrent characters in a diffrent situation.

Fred: OFFICIAL STATUS*In Progress* ~*~*~*~*~ A/N: Okies, there, something NOT depressing. I have no clue how I expect I story about Ducks trying to take over the world to have chapters, but, eh, why bother with why? It's got evil, world destruction bent, blue headed ducks for Pete's sake!!! O_O Oh...that...right,'s still not typed up yet since my big bro' got it deleted and i gotta totally start from scratch. Oh well... that's life. Rule #1 in Mr.V's Geo class! hehe!

Kin of the Pheonix: TYPE TYPE TYPE!!!!! I MUST TYPE THIS UP!!!! BECAUSE I LIKE IT SO YOU MUST READ IT!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!! *mlol* *thunder booms and lightning cracks the sky* SPECIAL EFFECTS OF EVIL!!!!!!

~*~*~*~*~*Poem Status~*~*~*~*~*

General: Poems can have Status? Oh well. Um, I've got about 1 out of 7 left to upload.

Hello: Loaded and complete. Check!

Identity: Done!

The Sun, The Moon, The Earth and The Sea: Fini!

Can You See Me?: Yahoo! It's up and ready! go me!I can type!

I Am Crying: I'm sorry, the poem you have requested is curently not on my hard drive right now, if you would like to try again, don't bother. I need to type it up.

Shadows: Done! Oh, oh! Fun fact!!! Ok, i wrote this during detention at school 'cause I was bored! On a napkin!

You say: It's here and it creeps the Hell outta me... isn't that special!! No? Oh well, i don't care, I LIKE IT! It's DARK ND HOPEFUL AT THE SAME TIME!!! I'M ON A SUGAR HIGH!!! I'M SHUTTING UP NOW!!! -_-;

~!@#$%^&*()-+ And In Conclusion... +-)(*&^%$#@!~

Awesome! Ok, if you've bothered to actually read this far, great, whatever. I've officially decided to add another link to me.
AH HEM!! May I have your attention people, please! If you care squat about me or feel like wasting time, please take this detour to my xAnGa, kay? Kay. Here it tis -- http:///home.aspx?user=SaraiN
Awesome. It's also got an actual picture of ME, not that I'm much to look at. I don't care. I'm gonna go work on "Fred" some more.

OKIES!!! MORESTUFF!! Ok, fyi, in case you didn't notice, which you wouldn't have if you aren't one of the peoples who've reviewed me prior to this, I read something if not everything of what my reviewers write, and then I review it. So, R&R!!!!!!!! Well, thanks! L8r! ^_~

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