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I touch the tragedy of humanity, and humanity touches me back...
Pushes an electric finger up my ass...jump-starts my heart...
I panic, struggle, and then submit. She drags me to her with a billion hands...
Drags me inside her...absorbs me, and fills me with her churning, desperate passion
to be heard.
She kills me, and brings me back to life—and I howl with ecstatic agony.

-- Hellblazer: Antarctica by Jamie Delano

*Current Projects*

The Templar, Kristoph *complete, on submission*

Genre: Horror/Urban Fantasy

Who's Eating Eric Lynch? *complete, on submission*

Genre: Horror/Comedy greatly inspired by the novels John Dies at the End and House of Leaves.

Alexander the God Killer *complete, on submission*

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Horror/Noir


"The Serial Killer, the Pervert, and the Schizo" in eFiction Magazine (January 2014)
"Necrophile" in Under the Bed (March 2014)
"House of Bones" in Literary Orphans (August 2015)
"Cornerstone" in (May 2016)
"Manticore" in Infernal Ink Magazine (October 2016)

*Novel Contests*

Who's Eating Eric Lynch? made it into Pitch Slam as Team Spyder's "Rebel Roadie"!
Who's Eating Eric Lynch? also made it to Round 3 of Query Kombat!

Review Policy: Currently not returning reviews.

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Who's Eating Eric Lynch? (revised) reviews
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What are you doing? This is the old draft, you crazy nut-so! Go read the new one, which hopefully doesn't suck as much as this one did.
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After a mission ends in yet another unnecessary human casualty, Kristoph is forced to don the mantle of Grim Reaper so he might redeem what conscience he has left, lest his Seraphim masters toss him into Hell. But when the devil's son threatens to rise to the surface, as far as Kristoph is concerned it takes a monster to kill a monster. Now's the worst time to have a conscience.
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/Story Removed/
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