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15 years old.

Hello. o.o
Okay. This is a rather monosyllabic greeting...but it's just me! I love writing and reading, especially works of fiction, so there you go! I'm here on this site. :)

Writing: I span writing poetry and prose. I'm new at er...not very skilled at that. Not that I'm good at prose! But just more comfortable at that.

Reading: I like reading all kinds of stories...but less of those fluffy books like 'buffy the vampire slayer' or 'sweet valley high'. Ursula LeGuin is da best author ever! Read her earthsea stories :D

Reading poetry: I admire poetry that really tugs at your heartstrings. As if you could actually feel what the speaker is trying to say. Or those with a twist at the end, just like short stories. If I could write just like that... (Wonders :P)

Reading prose: Yes, i equally like prose too! Esp. those with humour, imagery, and a tinge of sad reality. I really want to be drawn into a story...that's the best part about reading, I think.

Reviewing: I live by the motto, "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours". It's always nice to return a review, isn't it?

I try my best to give constructive criticism...though I have little experience with that. Poetry reviewing is hard... _

Reviewing my works : I would like constructive criticism please! Insults/loathes/pettiness/invections are not. very. welcomed . =_=.

Okay! Guess that's the part about FP.

My Pets: I have a really sad history about pets. Especially hamsters. I reared chickens, a puppy, fishes, mice, and hamsters before...but they all came to a very regretful end.

What happened to my chickens: I can't remember much of it, but my older sisters told me the gist of it.

We bought chicks, As you know, they are so adoringly cute!! and boy, they grew up fast.

So. When children grow into adults, chicks grow into chickens. And one fine day, my mum came along and calmly decided to slaughter them and cooked them into curry.

Pity no one ate. We went on a strike around the dinner table. And so - that was the end of our chickens.

What happened to our hamsters: The stray cats got to them. Theyalways end up eaten by cats. I don't know why. They were perfectly safe in our big fish tank...

Likes: Bowling, writing, reading, laughing, playing, watching good movies,friends, my family, my school, myself...o.O, and um lots lots more...ooh yeah! fp :D

Dislikes: Copy-cats, irritating people, bittergourd, sea cucumber, not-doing-anything-but-think-they-are people, and and ummm other nitty-gritty things.

Myself: Suffers from bluritism, tall, black hair, black eyes.

I seriously don't know what more to put. I'll probably get ideas when i look at other bios...:) But for now, that's it! And thanks for reading through!
p.s. Care to read and review through my work? Grinz :D

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