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Friends, how goes it? I'm Matthew Paul, a reader, writer, and eater of all things tasty. I'm young-ish and ambitious-ish and relatively motivated to do good in the world. This is also my first attempt to have a relatively organized profile. I'm not sure how I feel about it. In conclusion, read on.

Interesting Stories Currently Posted (or, Read This!)—

Blesséd Are The Meek: Originally written about a year ago (as of July, 2009), it has undergone some serious revision. However, as it stands now it is probably finished. Taking place in Columbus, Ohio, it is my attempt to write a real tear jerker, I suppose.

Secret Chord: Just posted. Read it while it's hot! It's about a boy who meets a girl, then loses his voice, and then struggles to find a new balance in the aftermath.

Poems: There a quite a few of them, between the sonnets and the 'Lecture/school' series. I suppose it might be a good idea to clump them together as one story with chapters so my page isn't so cluttered, and I might do just that soon. There are also a few random ones, like 'Adding the Earth' and 'Sacred' and stuff. And yeah, I've really written around fifty sonnets or so, but a lot of them are total garbage, so I've only posted the ones I think people would enjoy reading. Maybe.

Sonnet 41: I keep trying to put a banner here that says I was nominated in round 7 of SKoW. It never works.

Coming Soon! (or, Read This Soon!)—

So Many Fish: College is the ultimate dating pool... co-written and posted with Le Meg and Jenlyn.