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Hello and welcome to my profile!

Here're a few tidbits about me... I believe it helps readers connect to me and my writing (or not). If it does, great. But you can just read it for fun if you want to... yep, that's right, it'll be fun!

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Favorite Colors: Purple and any Blue-Greens

Favorite Music: AKFG, L'arc En Ciel, some other J-rock/ J-pop, and a very tiny bit of Indian Carnatic music, Hindi songs, and stuff from movies and soundtracks too! I also like some American pop/other categories like umm... Smash Mouth, All American Rejects, Justin Timberlake, and... there's a lot more obscure stuff but they don't really fall under any major categories.

Favorite Shows: Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Mind Your Language, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Drake & Josh, Tom & Jerry, I Love Lucy (yes I do), Three Stooges, The Dick van Dyke Show, and Death Note.

Fav. Movies: All the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings films (yeah, you might be thinking, "typical") Miyazaki Films, Liar Liar (Jim Carrey), Bruce Almighty, Fun with Dick and Jane, Shrek 1&2, Mulan, Aladdin, and Pirates of the Caribbean (both of 'em), along with, The Road to El Dorado, The Iron Giant, and Anastasia (animated films... I have a thing for those, the good ones, that is.)

Hobbies: Obviously, I like to write. Usually, if I have free time (which some people might say I have too much of), I draw, read, play videogames, browse the web like a zombie, listen to music, or hang out with my friends and family!

Did I ever tell you, though, that one of my favorite activities is checking for reviews every 5 minutes after I post a story? (Not exactly) But please help me make this activity a worthwhile pursuit.

That's all there is to me! I'm a bit crazy. But that's okay... Moving on.

Review Policies:

1.) Don't flame me, please. If you really do hate what I write, please tell me WHAT exactly you hate about it. (i.e. it sucks @55! OMG, it is so cheesy! You call this writing?)

2.) Tell me everything. I appreciate compliments, but would also like feedback (i.e. Maybe you should lighten up on description and focus on a more engaging dialogue; it might help speed the sluggish pace of the story. Too woryd, try to be more concise...)

Seriously, though, I like getting compliments (as long as their totally honest).

3.) As much as I like to be grammatically correct, I am only so efficient at editing and Word doesn't pick up one everything. So, please, try not to fill your reviews pointing out mechanical errors. I can fix those on my own when I'm revising the stuff I upload.


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