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Hi there!

7/11: lol I know this is random, but I just found ( I'm kind of late on things...) the facebook group for fictionpress romance! It was awesome to see other people and match them with their fictionpress name. Pretty sweet! yup yup...random I know. Anyways...I'm not even sure if people are going to read this...

6/09/09: Hi! Sorry it has been so long. I've updated a post on the All Along website. I'm not dead...hopefully some of you might actually see this.'s the update on everything. I am motivated to write the next chapter! I just need my laptop back (because my key broke off) and I'll be writing soon. But that doesn't mean the chapter will be up soon. Only because it takes me forever to type and I know it sounds weird, but I have to go back and get into that mood of knowing what's going to happen next. Plus, i have to get a feel for my characters again, it's been so long! Also, I really want to write another story. I know I already have other stories out, but I've been thinking about this for SO long!! But I really want to finish All Along. Especially for you guys.

So I want you to know that there's been a lot of emails to me about my story being plaigerized (sp? I'm not going to even look it up). Here's the thing. I have read stories that are insanely similar to mine. But, I'm not even sure if I could or should take credit for being an original. The story line is so...cliche. And so many people have used it now that well...I can't say that mine is original because maybe someone got the idea from someone else, and that person got the idea from someone else, etc.

Sometimes I do get frustrated when I read the stories that I find similar to mine. And by similar, I mean real real similar. Not just general ideas, but real similar. But I can't do anything about it. And i have been gone for a while, so no one really remembers KNE or All Along anymore, but yeah...

I'm sorry for all the rambling, but I just want to let my fans know that I'm still here. If my replies on emails are taking too long, let me know. Here's the update on my life though:

I'll be entering my 3rd year in college!! ( I love it so much! So much freedom!) I really do want to meet or see some of my fans preferably on facebook (of course), but I'm not sure if that's completely creepy or unsafe. So I'm still iffy. Let me know what you guys think! I know a lot of you guys think that I'm really quiet or private about myself or that I don't really talk about myself (that's because I try to be cautious). I'm sure some of you already know my name because of emails (yahoo), but yeah.

Well...I hope you take something away from this. I know most of you are more concerned about the status of All Along. It's not dead, it's a coma... I guess. Hehehe. Hopefully this summer I will update. Thanks for everything!!


7/20/07: The voting for Some Kind of Wonderful Romance has begun. Please take the time to vote!

7/2/07: ATTENTION readers, the All Along website is now open for fans or anyone interested in checking it out. The link is provided here, above, or the link provided below! Thanks for all of those who have supported me in the past. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. Hopefully I can do my best to answer them!

6/30/07: All Along (Ch. 19) updated.

6/25/07: All Along has been nominated for the SkoW awards for Most Memorable and Neely and Devon have been nominated for Best Het (which I'm guessing means best girl/guy couple?). Please take the time to check it out. The categories are really fun this Click on the link way below.

4/28/07: All Along has won the Muse Elimination in the romance category! Thank you to all the people who took the time to check out all the other stories and voted. It's greatly appreciated and I'm so happy right now! Thank you thank you. As for an update on All Along, I'm not sure when the next chapter will be out. Thank you again for taking the time to vote! 3

3/14/07: All Along (Ch. 18) updated

11/29 : All Along will be updated as soon as I find time. I did not abandon the story, I'm just not satisfy with what I'm writing for the next chapter. It's hard to explain. Anyways, thank you for all the emails. btw, I've changed my email and due to some issues, I might lose a lot of emails that have been sent to me. I'm trying my best to answer or forward them to my new account before my old account closes down. But there are still too many! Things I've noticed on fictionpress: ALOT of brother's best friend stories. ALOT of twin stories. lol...I even found one that has the same Neely/Chris/Devon/twin/brother's best friend sort of thing. I don't think All Along is an original storyline anymore (if it ever was). :(



KNE's All Along website

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5/17: READ THIS! I've found pictures of models that somewhat...resembles my characters of All Along. But the thing is, I'm actually afraid of posting them up because it might ruin people's views. So I'm going to say this...if you guys aren't satisfied with the pics, feel free to forget about them completely and imagine them the way YOU 'VE always pictured them. I actually encourage you guys to picture them the way you want to. I'm giving you guys the warning now because a lot of people have been asking me to do this. I haven't found ALL the characters and damn...every picture I try to find, every models is in some perverted pose. I prayed that no one walked in on me thinking I was looking at porn or something. AHHHH. But anyways, I encourage you guys to imagine the characters the way YOU want to. These are just...potential looks. Kind of? Hard to explain...

Emails me and let me know. By the way,I'll post them up slowly one by one. So...I warn you once again. It's up to you. I also have to say that I am borrowing these people and I DO NOT own them and they are models. Realistic or not. Oh and...some of them may be models or actors that you might have already seen.

~All Along~

Shauna Neilson...Cody O'Conner...Steven Carmichael...Chris Donovan
Casey Craig...Aiden McAdams...Mrs. Donovan...Devon Matthews
Emma Rose...Tim Stanford... Shane Matthews...Neely Donovan
Trista Rowen...Jason Ernest...Gabrielle Potter


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2 by: xFaithandTrust34 ...7 by: Shaina
3 by: MinhThu ...8 by: xFaithandTrust34
4 by:MinhThu...9 by: Rose

I personally want to thank everyone who took the time to make these. You're awesome!

Best of the Best~

Elle Johnson
Jay Atkins

~It Started with a Deal~

Katrina Moore
Adrien Price

Fanfiction and Recommendations:

If you guys are interested in any of my other stories, I have my fanfiction stories in the link below. But I have to warn you that you guys might not like them as much. My writing technique has changed...though you might like the recent ones. Try em out when you have time.

KNE fanfiction stories

Must read stories (there are popular stories out there that I know you guys already know about. I believe these stories deserve much more attention).

Read these...

CovetBy: BKgal-24
Downward Spiral Rising By: Pundit
Queen of Glass By: S.J.Mass

Please check them out. They are definitely worth it!

Stories status:
All Along :

Chapter 20- 30 percent

It started with a Deal...

Chapter 4- 0

Future ideas:

Title: One and Only (possible title; may change)
Genre: Romance/drama/humor
Summary: Ever since she was shipped off to some boarding school in the middle of nowhere, Madison White has always had her heart set on the quiet and mysterious Conan Demore since the day she first spoke to him. He was perfect and single and she was determined to approach him. Only one thing stood in her way: the school playboy, Connor Demore...his twin.

Title: Grim (potential title, may change)
Genre: Romance/angst/drama
Summary: When you find out you have less than a year to live, you start seeing things in a new light...even the boy that all your friends and the whole school (including yourself) had feared of. Of course...its always too late by then...

Title: Model Perfection
Genre: Romance/humor/drama
Summary: He was the most famous and wanted bachelor in all of Britain. She was the unwanted daughter from America. He was the rich and dashing sex god with too many problems. She was the unlucky girl, stuck being his personal maid for a whole summer. Andrew McCallen and Bethany Ross may just find perfection in one another.Or... maybe not.

My story may sound cliche, but I just love cliche stories. Let me know if it sounds interesting! I have a lot of other ideas...but for now I want to get somewhere with my other two stories.


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