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NEW Updated 6/16/07 at 1:00 PM


I was talking with my mom today, asking her to read part of MoonShadow. She did, and she likes it so far. I told her how many Hits I've had to the story and how many chapters I've posted.

She's worried. She says I've put up too many chapters... and I agree. I want my story to be published, and I can't do that if it's all posted up here. I want people to actually enjoy reading it as I have enjoyed writing it. So, I have come to only one conclusion:

MoonShadow will, from here on out, be discontinued on FictionPress. I really enjoyed posting my story out here, but I want to get it published. And if you liked reading it, you'll want to keep reading it once it's been published. I'd hate to post the whole story and not have anyone buy the book once I'm done.

So, I am removing it from the site. But, I will post some short stories here instead. Maybe some little thoughts from Roderick, or Ray-ring, and heck maybe even from Erebus. But I cannot put all of MoonShadow out here. If you want to tell me something, just send me a message. I'll try to reply to you as soon as possible.

I'm sorry, but she must go.

Thank You,

P.S. - Do you remember how I said I came up with a new title for MoonShadow? Well, I did, and I feel I can finally tell you all. It's called:

The Lunadine

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Status: In Progress (UNDER-CONSTRUCTION!!)
Lunadine Intro: 100 Complete (226)
Prologue: 100 Complete (320)
Chapter #1: Misty Moon - 100 Complete (3124)
Chapter #2: Blue - 100 Complete (2977)
Chapter #3: Enigma - 100 Complete (4151)
Chapter #4: Laceration - 100 Complete (3272)
Chapter #5: Tonic - 100 Complete (3600)
Chapter #6: Thirst - 100 Complete (4487)
Chapter #7: Dead - 100 Complete (2067)
Chapter #8: The Coven - 100 Complete (1568)
Chapter #9: Sweet Moon - 100 Complete (2219)
Chapter #10: Retrieve - 100 Complete (2447)
Chapter #11: Obligation - 100 Complete (2811)
Chapter #12: Rembark - 100 Complete (2661)
Chapter #13: Vargulf - 100 Complete (4489)
Chapter #15: Howling - 100 Complete (3806)
Chapter #16: Judgment - 100 Complete (3671)
Chapter #17: Waking - 100 Complete (1259)
Chapter #18: The Alert - 100 Complete (4056)
Chapter #19: The Pursuit - 100 Complete (3584)
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Obscure Summary
: Two beasts of night. A problem both must solve.
Roderick, a vampire, is sent on a mission by his Sire to track - and kill - the werewolves that are terrorizing a port town in Scotland. Ray-ring is the daughter of the Alpha and a member of the pack that recently fled to the same port town in Scotland. When Roderick is attacked by a large beast in the forest, she takes him in and heals his wounds. A problem arises within the pack: the possibility of her people being framed, along with a long hidden secret, puts her and Roderick in direct danger. What are the two to do, when even they are not permitted to be in the presence of each other?

Characters (thus far):
Roderick - Offspring of Dorian
Dorian - Roderick's sire
Lilith - Dorian's Chosen
Ray-ring I. Moon - a She-werewolf
Eric Moon - Ray-ring's father; Alpha male werewolf
Laguna Moon - Ray-ring's mother; Alpha female werewolf
Brynn Moon - Ray-ring's little brother
Grandma Ruby - Ray-ring's grandmother; Pack Elder
Ember - a She-werewolf; Ray-ring's best friend
Lucien - werewolf; Ember's future mate
Jack - Temporary Alpha
Alick & Aldis - Twin werewolf brothers
Insaniem - Vargulf

Word Update: 56795 words

Character pics:
Ember & Ray-ring:

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