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A new year, new fics I suppose...

Dark Heart(PG-13) - I have the last half of chapter 8 done, gotta write the beginning, I have the concept of chapter 9 worked out and I have the very end of chapter 10 done. This fic is only 10 chapters long. I should have chapter 8 done very soon.D N Angel, shounen ai General/Romance

Majestic Corsair(PG) - My own orginial anime. ^_^ It's a short mini-series based off my brothers anime anime campain for Big Eyes, Small Mouth, the anime RPG. It's a back history of my character. Action/Adventure/Fantasy

ALL 4 HOPE(PG-13) - This is my brother, Adamon's, story. A group of unlikely people unite together to stop and evil wizard from stealing the children in the world. But only 4 are the so-called 'Choosen Ones'. Many interesting characters that come and go, some that stay throught the whole story, and a sexy bishie bad guy. Death and perverted humor..Orginial Manga Action/Adventure/Fantasy

New stuff to look for:

If I can ever get some of these things finished that I already have in my hard drive without starting something new. I might have a new fic soon. Let's see what I can finish shall we?

D N Angel

Casting New Roles(PG) - I got bored and started writing something with the D N Angel boys about putting them in various Disney movies. I might post it because I think I finished it.

Untitled(NC-17) - Lemon featuring Dark, Satoshi and Krad. I might get around to finishing this one because I like the way it's going.

Fire In The Darkness(NC-17) - Another lemon, this one has Dark and Daisuke only. Quite angsty. I doubt I'll ever start writing on this one again. But you all can pray for it.

Untitled 2(NC-17) - Yet another lemon, Dark and Krad. I started this one along time ago and I think I might combined it with the other lemon I haven't named yet.

Harry Potter

Bed of Lies(No rating yet.) - A Harry/Draco song fic based off Matchbox 20's 'Bed of Lies' song. I haven't quite figured out if it will be a lemon or not. Probably not.

Funny Moments(PG to PG-13) - The result of being bored and hanging out in Harry Potter chat rooms. o_O;;

Untitled(PG-13 to R) - I have something written on it. I just know the pairings I have in it... Harry/Draco, Fred/George, Ron/Hermione. Slash or yaoi, twincest and a straight pairing!

Hopefully I don't start any more fics. I have plenty to finish already.

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An evil man is stealing all the childeren. Who can stop this evil wizard? (This is my bro's story. I'm the editer it for him.) *Reformated!* At least I think..
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Well, read if you want. It's about an elven woman named Ariel, and I can't tell anymore because it would give away the plot.
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*sighs* Love.....
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This is the longest poem I have ever wrote and it's also my first -serious- poem I have ever written
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Hate reviews
English Assignment. I thougt it was pretty good.
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A poem I wrote for a friend.
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A collection of notes.
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I wrote this poem for my brother.
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I wrote this for a friend that was moving.
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Just a poem I wrote not that long ago.
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