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This is me, in all my wonderful random-ness. Whatever happens to kick my brain and jump out my ear ends up here. This is my second account... I decided that a new start would be nice.


You want a bio? Well, here ya go!

Name: Kris

Gender:I'm a girl (duh) :D

Birthdate: Sept 6, 1990. But please, judge writing on the content, not the age of the author

Location: Somewhere in Massachusetts... ya know, I'm not even too sure about it... dahaha!

Favorite Authors: Umm... alot of em!

Sports: Lacrosse, Softball, Karate, Climbing, Sailing, Crew, Skiing, Skateboarding... I am very busy, especially in spring. Bleh.
I don't play it, but I'm obessed with rugby, even though i live in the USA. Blame New Zealand. The All Blacks rock (NZ) and the Wallabys suck (AU) Boo yea!

Other stuff about me: The wild Kris may be found in the southern Massachusetts area, usually situated by a lake and mountains, areas where it spends much of it's time if not glued to what it calls a "computer." Identifiable by a baseball cap labled 'Austrailia' that it wears all the time, the wild Kris has been known to annoy other members of its dwelling by playing very loudly on its guitar, or blasting music known as 'Emo' or 'Punk', although other types of music have been known to slip in.
If you come across the wild Kris, you may placate it with a caffinated drink or sugar, but it can become enraged by the Lucky Charms theme song, so do not sing about leprechans of any sort in its presence.

Yeah... um, that's me... I'm not usually as pcycopathic as i sound. Mostly.

This is my new account, so if you notice a similarity in some of the stories to another account, it's probably my old one. I don't copy other people. Thats evil.

Stories I'm currently writing

Alex has had a pretty crappy life, parents dead, stuck with an abusive foster father. But after her foster father nearly beats her to death and she gets some new guardians (whom seem to be more than what they say they are) things start getting... different.
What one might call a realistic fiction... if you consider magic and demigods ringing your doorbell normal...

Caravan:(Working title)
When a boy called Rin joins Jhardan Cavilar's caravan, he amazes the other members with his skill at the bow and dagger, and finds a firm friend in Kojen, an exiled prince travelling with the caravan. But Rin has many secrets... like he happens to be hunted by an evil lord hell-bent on destroying him, and he's just as hell-bent on destroying the evil lord. Oh, that and the fact he's really a girl.
I know this seems really similar to my other story, To Make a god (on hiatus on my other account) and it is. It's kind of like the original plot, just changed a bit.

Stories I'm thinking of writing

Can't think of a title yet: A story about a band of adventurers and unlikely heroes who inadvertently save the world when an ancient evil comes to pass. Some of the charecters inclue: A cleric who'd sooner beat you up than heal you, a warrior who's mortally afraid of spiders, a shaman that keeps getting possesed by the spirits she's supposed to be communicating with, and a whole host of others. All this told from the view of a bard who joined up with them for kicks and got alot more than he bargained for. Just an idea bouncing around in my head at this point, but it may go somewhere...

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