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If you're reading this then you must think I write well enough to actually read more of! Wow! I feel so priviledged! Did I spell that right?

Sorry, but I really don't update that often, I have college and a job (well, in the process of getting a job) and the trolls really aren't that cooperative when it comes to writing.

I'm a HUGE anime fan and if you've noticed almost everything that I've written for is anime based. My favorite anime of all time is DragonBall Z. Yes, I know that it's bad. But how can you not love the Veggie ass?!?! I mean blue spandex people! Tight blue spandex on a guy who can bend like he can!! *drools*

I love other animes as well. I'm a huge Gundam Wing fan, particularly the 1x2 pairing, though 5x2 is a close second. Visions of Escaflowne is up there as well. I've seen the series like seven times and the movie close to that many times as well. .Hack//sign is a good series as well even if I don't understand it very much. Generator Gawl, great series, even if I got the mind fuck of a ending before anyone else. Yu Yu Hakusho I like, even if the American voices scare the shit out of me. I mean Frieza as Genki?! Yami no Matsuei is a great series as well. It's chock full of shounen-ai hints, great characters, fantastic animation, and suburb music. Hisoka is the king of uke-angst. Full Metal Panic, Naruto, Fruit's Basket, X-TV...all really good series that I reccomend as well if you ever have a chance to see them.

As for manga, Naruto kicks ass there as well. I also like Bleach and Zombie Powder which are both done by the same mangaka, Kubo Taito. I also like Sandland, which belongs to the legendary Akira Toriyama. *happy grin* Soon I shall have Yami no Matsuei the manga 1-11 which I will be translating and possibly scanslating good bits with my friend alicia25o.