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Well, if you are really THAT interested, I'll tell you...

About Me...
Age: 16
Gender: Girl (Imagine that!)
Real name: Amanda
Pen name: Obviously, Ky'atia on here, but there are others... XD
Birthday: October 24, 1987
'Significant Other' : Not at the moment, but...
Zodiac: Scorpio
Current Job: Beta-reading for, bussing tables (quitting soon), and babysitting 20 children from 7-5 Mon.-Fri. (starting as soon as I quit other job)
Currently Reading: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Colour: Black or silver
Singer: Gackt (Jrock artist!!!)
Cookie: Ginger Snap
Drink: Diet Mt. Dew
Person: Probably Ashley, Mandi (the whole DDR circle), Corey...
~~On PS: FF8
~~On PS2: FFX
~~At the Arcade: DDR
~~On the Comp: The Sims and it's many additions
Country: Umm... Japan!
Language: Japanese! Konyangachiwa!
City: Okinawa (Where Gackt was born)
~~City I've actually been to: NYC!!!!
Movie: Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Song: Jyunigatsu no Love Song, ~Emu~ For my Dears, freesia, (anything by Gackt)
Book: Harry Potter 3 or 5
Author: Gackt (wrote Jihaku), J.K. Rowling

Most Romantic Experiance: Can't say I have had one yet...
First Kiss: Nope. Not yet.
First Love: Long story... Let's just say "Last Year" (read "Prosti" for more info)
Heart Ever Been Broken: Yes.
How Many Boyfriends (Total): Umm... 5?
~~How many did I actually like: 1
~~" " Love: 0

Did you know...
-that I also write fanfiction?
-that I am currently in emotional pain?
-that I hope to spend a month in Japan next summer?
-that I am going to teach myself Japanese (if I ever get time)?
-that my favourite foods are all from other cultures?
-that my passions are other cultures?
-that I plan to go to Alaska-Pacific University?
-that I want to be a Japanese translator later in life?
-that I am good at DDR?
-that I am very easy to talk to and love to get e-mail and questions about myself?

: "Did you know" format stolen from Ashley : 1) Prosti: This is my story. It is written to Ally and is about what happened last year when I told her that I liked her.
2)Beautiful: This is one of my... hehe... more horrible poems, but I decided to put it on here because I am lazy and already had it on here. It is dedicated to Yair. (Probably another story that I'll put up on here.)
2)What happens: This was written on the spur of the moment about nothing in particular.

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This is my story about "last year." F/F theme. Any response is greatly appreciated.
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Beautiful reviews
This poem is dedicated to Yair. It is a love poem that I adapted from "Suteki da ne."
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