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here is all the spazzyness i can muster...

im a psyco who likes books-werewolves will one day rule the earth and i will kill all conformists- except the ones who like my stories so read and review, ill write down your name, youll be spared... did i mention that i talk to myself when left alone?... yeah, a lot.

i love hoobastank, crossfade, cold, chevelle, drowning pool, story of the year, new found glory, evanesense, yellowcard, korn, green day, and reggae- petey pablo and stuff, and rap, and all rock...i like every type of music.(except country)

i just really love to write... love wolves and dragons. Donnie Darko. Queen of the Damned. Princess Mononoke'.

where is potpan? to a special friend- think blood, leather, rain... i just made them drool...yeah, that's me-

oh by the way- one day i will inherit my power and all people- no matter what age, who pissed me off in any way- will be slowly tortured into insanity and retardation. squish.

“shit happens...hopefully not on your face”

go to ! dear songboy, im singing right now, but you don't know it, cuz im typin on a computer...

someone's in the ceiling

south park...respect my authority! THAT'S MY CHICKEN POT PIE!

i know it's weird but i loved dirty dancing 2 (havanah nights) and dawson's creek- but that's just my queer side...i am strait..(yay 4 me!) but i know a lot of lesbians and gays and bi..s.and im cool with them...don't think i would ever become one though.

fave color: green

Jeremy Sumpter(actor) is so PRETTY!

i got this from a diff bio but i have to put it: 'you want a taste of religion? lick a pagan.'

my friends' phrases: bomnation, mall core, i don't wanna know, funny dreams, nipples the clown/ toaster, scratch, heathen bizznatch...doom. I;m not gonna hurt you, I'm not gonna hurt you.

Jhonny the Homicidal Maniac!!!

Marie- Cassandra is in da house- unfortunitely the house is being set on fire by angry leprechauns, i hope the mermyds save me- they're sguishy. I love you ForsakenDamanta!

Heathen bizznatch- scary movie- God it's Dawson!

"pieces, pieces, pieces of me"- aliens will take over the world- i am a prophetess of doom and my dreams will one day be reality- so don't drop any marbles. did you know that in my dreams Zeeshan can dance? Good? To Kevin Little?

E=MCperu- yeah, you know what it means Sonamy- luv ya.

SQUEE says: "Vote Lauren for Prez"

The Punisher! Underworld. Cruel Intentions! Constantine! Cursed! Peter Pan!

Ben Jelen's 'Come on'

"I would walk five hundred miles"- isn't that a toe-tapper?

Holly says i swear too much: Dear Holly, Fuck, fuckety, fuck, fuck, fuck.

If i had to choose between saving the world or saving my cat- i choose my cat- cuz i think humans suck...a lot...most of the time...

Tashi- his name is hank and he’s wearing a yello poncho- he’ll take you to the Whopper Lair… Hit in the FACE…with a TIRE!

Donnie Darko!- crazy bunnies are eating my flesh!- and killing my lover! (I added that)

Casa bonita Zeen- you know what that means: "you've lost your friends, kept this poor boy in a bomb shelter for a month, lost your parents faith in you, and are about to be arrested- what do you have to say for yourself?"... "It was worth it."-

You make me wanna LALA

“Remember my name…you’ll be screaming it later"

1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, floor.

"i broke my G-string fingering a minor"- don't worry- it's GUITAR speak people!

Andy- "that was a great party- omg i'm on fire." the remix: ..."oh my goodness i do believe i am aflame."

i really want a cookie, and every time one of my friends say they'll get me one the next day they say "sorry i forgot."

forgot my ass.

read Master of Wolves by Angela Knight...go do it now!

i wonder that when Winnie the Poo eats honey, where does it go? does he poop it out later? isn't he filled with fluff? is it gooey, honey-filled fluff? i wonder...

i am not a joke-stealing joke stealer.

i had a dream that i was a shark and i ate Justin Timberlake because...well...he's Justin Timberlake...i remember that he tasted bad, but i ate him anyway.

i want to have a tuesday, and then a thursday and then get fed an apple and watch narnia and it was so good that i'll never watch harry potter again.

"salve." welcome to my...well you know the rest Jessica.

did u see that episode of Family Guy? the shark was all like "I'm gonna eat that hairy leg...and that one too...dana...danadanadana...well i did eat that fat kid yesterday...but i'll just make sure to swim around a lot later...danadanadana!

who names their cat "Fox"? he doesn't even look like one, he's black and furry...i just don't understand...i can't believe you beat me at chess.

New Age Club vs. the Dark Realms Club...who will win?!?!?!?!?!?

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My Toaster Thinks I'm Crazy by Drazuki reviews
mxm, slash Ben is a triplet who must take care of his psychologically challenged brothers, from love lives, to auditions, to tetris addictions, while also coping with his own disorder: inanimate objects talk to him.
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Removed by author.
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Removed by author.
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Make Me into Something Wonderful reviews
Lauren loves Dan & he seemes to finally realize it just as his sister gets kidnapped. But by whom, and WHAT is Dan? Because he sure isn't human. A girl who wants to be something awesome and strange may finally get her wish. Close to finish.
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My sister swims through wheat fields and never stains her perfect dress, I will keep her secret.
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How will Alex help her ex-boyfriend when he becomes mysteriously ill at school? After dragging him home will she finally have the answers as to why he's been so evasive. It's another werewolf story kids, w/ romance galore.
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And all i knew were lips and eyes, but look and touch tell speperate lies. Apoem about what I wish I spent my afternoons doing. Cute but hot, you know?
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a poem i wrote a long time ago about two wolves (symbolic of people i know) fighting for stupid reasons and leaving the fight broken.
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A really depressing day drove me to write this- I felt like no one noticed me and like i must be hidden from view because if i wasn't someone would have tried to save me already. Someone WILL save me right?
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Poetry: Fantasy - Rated: K+ - English - Supernatural/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 367 - Reviews: 3 - Published: 8/23/2004
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