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To anyone who cares, I havent updated anything for a while; I was called on it by Ruby. I will try to keep up the work, I just have to sit down and actually work on it. So, thank you Ruby, I'll update something in the next couple days.

"F" - means that this story is finished, so done worry about waiting for updates ever!

"WIP" - means that it is a Work In Progress, so some of you may want to wait until the identifier by the Title changes to an "F".

"FWIP" - means Fast-paced Work In Progress. You can probably read this story at any pace you would like because it will be updated quite often. -OR- "FWIP" can mean "near to Finishing Work In Progress" meaning that I am just about to end it so stay tuned.

"SWIP" - This is the one that I hope you never see on a story of mine that you are likeing because it means "Slow Work In Progress." There are just some times when ideas dry up and you have to let the pool refill for a little while.

I am going to be a lot of revamping of my stories, just so you know this one will actually take several weeks because I have to change them all over to html. I just got tired parts of the meaning of my stores getting lost because certain words were no longer in italics. I know it is a small thing, but I'm a perfectionist, so piss off if you dont like it.

If you review my work I will repay the favor (No poetry though).

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A Home of My Own by dee111 reviews
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