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Oh Gee. Its been a while hasn't it fictionpress (Tm)?

I've changed alot through the year. Mostly girl trouble, that old devil. _ No one really likes to read much here since most are fangirls who lOOOOVVVEEE frutits basket. -_-

Cha. Oh yeah, I'll post any more poems I write. I end up writing around 3 a day, at least at school, but I just, you know, haet them.

Anyway, a small profile? Shure

Name:If you can guess my real name, you win a pig.

Age: Hrm. Young. I think.

Sex: With a computer? T_T M

Hight: 5' 10"

Weight: 112

Bust: T_T

Favorites? Stories: Tunes For The Bear To Dance Too. I Am The Cheese. The story in Killer7. Life of Pi. The Wind Up Bird Chronciles

Games: ICO, Shadow Of The Colossus, MGS, MGS2 (Not three, it was horrible). Einhander, Parasite Eve, and my favorite, the one of two games (MGS too) that have never gotten boring. Guilty Gear. (X2 BTW) Killer 7.

Movies: Crash, The Life Aquatic, Girl Intruppted, American Beauty. El Topo.

Anime: Anything by Gainax and anything with thier signature GAINAX ENDING. Gibli as well, but thats nearly required. They are perfect movies.

Food: Hrm. Steak? Not really though. Mint ice cream. Beef Jerky when you can put it in your mouth and just chew and savior it for like, an hour. :3 I once ate one strawberry for an entire hour while fighting a boss in Legend Of Legaia. One of my favorite memories of summer of 00. When people weren't bitching about terrorists.

Dances: T_T Breakdancing class was canceled in school. Weird things too do: I like moving my hands, weither this makes me gay, meh. I think I like girls, after all I don't see any since its summer T_T; My aunts and uncle's all have very rich children, therefore preppy. Lolz, so they send me very, off style (personally) clothing. I end up buying 70 dollars girl pants. Sooo very tight.

Music: To cheer myself up I listen to MSI. Ironic that music cheers me up, but the lyric 'Kill yourself' just makes me smile. :D Classical is nice, though thats another peice of evidence in the gay thing. T_T;;;; Indie caught me reicently. "I love you cuz I have too", most of death cab, Husky Rescue, and Delgados are awsome. Though I don't like snow patrol.:/ Everyone says they are a good. I just don't like them much.

About me?: Um, well. I like moving my hands in the air . You know, kinda like I'm weaving air. Kinda like Rikku from FFX. :/ Though, I started it. Oh! I read upside down. Its not like I want to be different, but mostly when I'm reading I end up reading upside down. Less strain on the eyes? Shure, it just helps me read though. :0 ~Ark

Things I like:

Cats that I can talk too (I meow and they meow back well, mritao, thats how I spell meow:(

When I actually win at the arcades.

The stars, when there is no moon.

Making memories, such as one time I took apart a computer while watching all of Bubblegun crisis. I mean, the anime sucked, but I took apart a computer! Then put it back together! ANd guess what! It didn't turn on:(

One other time I played Shadow of the Colossus all day, and beat the entire game, and when agra fell down the waterfall I actually screamed, "AGRA!!!!" then I yelled, "WHY MY HORSE GOD! TAKE ME INSTEAD!" Fortunately I got over it and the final colossus killed my in two hits. it took me like an hour to avenge my horse. Though it was my mistake to run across a crumbleing bridge. T_T

I like when the air is cold and you can see your own breath. It feels like the air is more real. And its nice to breathe cold air. Whereas summer air just sucks :(

when it plays good music, but mostly its just the same repetive anime music crap. Though a few remixes and some songs are amazingly badass.

DJ Dain. Some no name artist from Canada who really makes very, very good music.


My hands always lose grip and let things go. Especally my right one. I beleave that my hands hate my body.

Alot of people that I am forced to deal with in my everyday life. I pretend to like them though. I can't help trying to be nice to everyone. People are infuriating sometimes.

NOTE: On 'The last day' I meant to say 'They might meet AT A parade instead of 'They might meet a parade'. Keep it in mind whnen you read it.

Anyway, if you have expectations for me, dear reader, read the stories last.

Oh, by the way, I'm in love with Lost. Not only do I love the series beyond all compare, I am fully convinced it is by far the best written show that has even been aired on television. So, yeah, I just had to say that since the new season came out and I'm really REALLY happy about it. Since I am most likely in the fanatic range. YOSH! LOST!

I found a new show to love: Studio 60. I cannot really easily express my feelings for it. I had a mental breakdown the day it was canceled, every monday (Thursday at the end) I would act completely different.

Studio 60. The best show ever. At least the most intelligent.

(I just keep adding on to this thing. -_-)

Oddly enough, it seems I am getting worse at writing, or maybe I am running out of ideas. Wellz, I'll rewrite that healer story next week, so look foward to that? I have so much free time I can't help but force myself to write, there really is no inspiration for it, maybe that'll be my excuse. :3

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