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My updated biography. It’s crazy how fast time passes, isn’t it? I just realized some of the things in this biography are bit off... I'm fixing it now. So what follows should be true for a while now. You gotta thank the occasional reviewer for ACIP, otherwise, I wouldn't have noticed at all...

I’m a girl(in my twenties, if you must know) from Quebec, Canada. I’m a native French speaker. I obviously know English too, though I can’t say it’s as good as I would like it to be (hence the gazillion horrendous errors in my writings). I've learned some Spanish in my past, and that's where it'll stay : in the past. I continue taking a few German courses now and then. However, my real passion is learning all I can about East Asia, more particularly Japan. And I'm really trying my best at learning the language. I have no idea why I’m learning all those… -shrugs- Oh well…

I’m not sure what you guys want to know.

My likes?

I love reading, going to the cinema, writing (obviously), pizza, Christmas, my friends, my oneesan, and a whole bunch of other stuff…

I have a weakness for cute Asian guys for some reason. I dunno why.

I love interesting quotes.


I absolutely abhor prejudices, conceited people who refuse to even try to understand the world around them, dishonesty and lies, vengeful acts...

My motto is: ‘Live and let live.’ Never has anything more right been said.

If I had to play an instrument, it would be the violin because of its wonderful sound and grace.

If I had to play a team sport, it would be Basketball- for some odd reason I never reflected upon.

If I had all the time in the world, I would learn all languages and visit every country.

If I were less logical and analytical, I would lead a much easier life.

If my reviewers weren’t there to support me with their kind words, I would be miserable. Thank you all.

If you are still reading this, hum… really? You’re still reading this?

Anyways, anyone wishing to e-mail me can. All will be answered.

Spawn of Hell

Oh and, please check out my favourites, they’re really worth it (these people have talent)! And if you read their stories, leave a review, ok? Reviews are the essential food of the author; don’t let them starve!

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