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I've been thinking for a while and I'm going to stop putting my stories/poems on fictionpress. Thanks for all those who have reviewed in the past, and read my work. Hope you like what I did.



I used to write mainly stories (under a different name), but when I looked back at them I wasn't happy with what I wrote. I then found a old notebook during the process of tidying which contained some poems I had written a while ago. Not all of them were good, but I was pleased with Stars and a few other ones which I felt were slightly too personal to put up. These however gave me hope that my poetry wasn't terrible, so I have started writing more poetry.

I like reading, and am on a poetry fetish at the moment.

I like reviews, as I find they help me, so please review, I will return the favour. Thanks to those that have reviewed anything of mine and to those that have put one of my poems or me on their favourites.
Check out the things on my favourites, there are some really good authors and poems/stories.

I do not have multiple personalitles, some of my poems are different from others because I like trying to approach all subjects and views.

Remember keep your head up no matter what, show the world who you really are.
(and yes, I did name myself after the french name for grapefruit)

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I am the arch of your face
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A young boy locked up in a Tower since birth. An enemy bent on ruling the entire world. A young leader, troubled by his large responsibility. Interested yet?
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Grace my form with distant murmers/lifeless in the waves of time/tell me of forgotten dreams/to paper dust a long decline
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It would have been easy to miss, but/It was the only colourless blossom./Not white/Just silver. Please review and tell me if you like this better than my old style!
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He's a man born to be questioned, yet he's born without the answers.
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