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REDNAL29 NEWS BULLETIN, Updated 08/04/05: Summoner Trilogy has been updated. AGAIN. So review... Please?

Pen Name: Rednal29 (Duh) Age: Old enough to register.

Religion: Christian (All the way!!!) (Fav. Verse: John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son. And whoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.)

Fav. Created Characters: Rai Aquarius(Magi and Soria): Because he's cool! Rai is the BEST!!
Selene Aquarius(Magi and Soria): Because she's a good character. And she will be incredibly useful later in the story.
James Aquarius(Rayearth Retold): character. My all-time favorite!!! His personality is based on mine. Besides, it's partly his fault that you all get to see an anime of Magi and Soria sometime, and maybe Servant of the Prince. Read Rayearth Retold. ) And yes, he is related to Rai. Sort of.

Favorite Food: RAMEN!! (Uses Author Powers to keep Naruto away)

Interesting Thing: One of my story's readers lives really close to me. SCARY.

Fan Fictions: Way too many, but most are not posted.

Hobbies: Typing. Reading. And that's about it.

Notice: I use the Star System concept in writing, which means that the names of places and characters in my stories will often be very similar. Hey, I suck at making up names. What did you expect?

Phrases I Decided To Put Here: (They're mostly from the same character!)

"Back! Back, jerkfaces! You are not my people! You bore me with your sucking! Back!" Fafa, Psychic Academy Vol. 3, upon seeing the classmates of her little brother Ren.

"Mew. Hola. Long time no salsa." Fafa, Psychic Academy Vol. 3, upon seeing an old acquaintence of hers.

"Hasta la Pasta!" Fafa, Psychic Academy Vol. 2, upon leaving Ai.

"I don't care how long you were in the Tokojawa House!" Fafa, Psychic Academy Vol. 3, after Moby the Turtle breaks out of her ice spell and starts yelling at her.

"Now I will draw your mind to me, and the two of us will rule this country as King and Queen! See?! The Handsome Prince marries the Fairy Queen! And they live happily, happily, happily ever after! Isn't it just too perfecto?" Fafa, Psychic Academy Vol. 3, when she's telling Ai about what she's about to do to him.

"If I freeze solid, I won't be anyone's boyfriend!" Ai, Psychic Academy Vol. 3, when Fafa loses control of her power and starts freezing him. (Luckily, he managed to get her to stop)

"Fafa did what?" Ren, when he learns of what his sister was doing.

"Okay, open your mouth real wide." Me, when my brother told me to stuff a bunch of sheets somewhere.

"Bah. Studying is for chumps." Lloyd, Tales of Symphonia

"Give a man a fire, and he'll be warm for a day. Set a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life." Pyro's Guild, on GAIA Online.

Bio Mini Story, Just 'Cause I'm Nice. Based on Magi and Soria

Rai: Yawn
Selene: Bored?
Rai: Yup. We haven't had anything interesting happen in ages.
Selene: Oh...
Armies of killer penguins march by outside, singing "The Beer Song" in incredibly deep voices.
Rai: Sweatdrops
Selene: Sweatdrops
Rai: Oooookay...
Selene: ...
They retreat to their room, where the author was waiting.
Rai: Oh no...
Rednal29: What? I'm not here to be evil.
Selene: ...
Rednal29: Humph. Writes something on a piece of paper, which flashes
A couch appears, and Rednal29 makes Rai and Selene relax on it.
Rai: What's this for?
Rednal29: Picture so I can know exactly how to make you in your anime.
Rai: Oh.
Selene: Please do me justice!!
Rednal29: Of course!! Takes picture

Hee hee hee. Read below, and in addition to amusing dialogue, you will get knowledge of what else I will post.

Rednal29: Strange, no? *Summons all Muses*
Muses: *Appear*
Attila the Kitty: What!?
James: *Hands out cookies to other Muses and Rednal29*
All but James: YAY! Cookies!! *Eat*
Arianna: Thank you!
James: *Shrugs*
Rai: What're we here for, anyway?
Rednal29: The previews.
Rai: Oh. Well, what's first?
Fox Girl: I never get my name said...
Rai: It's okay, it's okay.
Fox Girl: *Disappears into Rai and cries from inside him* *Unseen waterworks*
Selene: ...
Rednal29: By the way, The Rai and Selene's here represent all of the ones in my stories.
James: Anyways... Let's see... Well, there's a story where a Fay girl falls into a kid's life... One where a poor little half-angel half-demon has to deal with almost everybody hating him (With the exception of elves and a fairy girl who has a major crush on him), Uh.. What else?
Arianna: The screwy version of Magi and Soria where Rai's uncaring, and the detailed version of the story. AND the anime!!! I WANT IT!!!!
Rednal29: Pipe down.
James: *Gives Arianna a cookie*
Arianna: Thank you... *Hugs James* *Nibbles on cookie*
James: *Smiles* *Pats Arianna on the head*
Rednal29: Mmm...
Attila the Kitty: *Meows*
Rednal29: *Gives Attila the Kitty cat food*
Attila the Kitty: *Eats*
Rednal29: CONTINUE. NOW.
James: Right! Let's see... Rednal29 also has a story where a pair of kids are slaves... Numerous incarnations, actually. Sometimes the boy's a powerful mage, in two or so he's an elf trapped in a crystal for a long time, there's a demon in one, there's a girl there with Rai the slave... Um...
Rai: Sighs I'm in WAY too many stories. I'm in, like, EVERY SINGLE ONE Rednal29 writes... All 150 or whatever of them. And there's more every day.
Rednal29: Yup!! It's a personal thing. I'm trying to make a record, too.
Selene: I'm mute in a story Rednal29 put on
Rednal29: I know. But you can still talk to your twin bro via telepathy.
Rai: Me...
Rednal29: Yup!
Rai: And I'm ANBU Captain in another!! And once, I got a Doujutsu that let me control fire!! That one's not published, yet...
Rai: *Backs away, scared*
Attila the Kitty: *Hides behind Arianna*
Arianna: *Hides behind James*
James: *Sits there unconcerned* *Eats cookies*
Selene: *Goes into the next room, fast*
Rednal29: James... You're the only one who's not scared of my Author Powers...
James: I know. I'm too strong, it's hard for you to hurt me. *Eats another cookie*
Rednal29: *Takes cookie box*
James: ... *Eyes flash, and cookie box reappears in hands*
Rednal29: *Uses Author Powers to annihilate cookie box*
James: *Shrugs* *Opens another cookie box*

Camera zooms out to show large pile of cookie boxes next to him, then zooms back in

Arianna: Is it safe to come out yet? *Peeks over James' shoulder*
Mio: Hey! I get mentioned!
Fox Girl: *Reappears* MIO! *Jumps for joy*
Mio: Hi!
Rednal29: What're you doing over here?
Mio: I'm a Muse! I get to be here!
Attila the Kitty: I wanna go out.
Rednal29: The window's open. *Thinks for a few minutes* OKAY. Selene, get in here!
Selene: *Returns to main room*
Selene: Y-yes?
Rednal29: I just thought of something. Eventually, there'll be a fic all about you muses!!! I'm going to put you into one of my infinite fantasy worlds and see what happens.
Arianna: *Pales*
Attila the Kitty: *Pales*
Selene: *Pales*
Mio: *Attempts to Pale, since she's already pure white*
Fox Girl: *Pales*
Rai: *Pales*
James: *Doesn't care*
Rednal29: HEY!
James: What? I have enough magic to keep us safe. Go back and read Rayearth Retold on your computer if you don't believe me.
Rednal29: *Makes James' skin paler*
James: *Gets instant tan*
Rednal29: *Sweatdrops* *Transports all of his Muses to his House of Horror, Torture, and Other Stuff for a few minutes*

Several minutes later:
Muses: *Return*
Rednal29: Have we learned anything?
Arianna: Yes!
Selene: Yes!
James: No.
Rednal29: AHEM.
James: Yes.
Rednal29: Much better. Carry on.
Attila the Kitty: Yes.
Mio: Yes.
Fox Girl: *Hides behind Rai* Save me!!
Rai: Don't worry, I will. *Hugs Fox Girl protectively*
Selene: I want a hug too!
Rai: *Hugs Selene*
Rednal29: He's cheating on you!
Selene: No he's not. Fox Girl is his girlfriend in a different story, and I'm only married to Rai in a few. I can share here.
Rai: *Sighs*
Arianna: Well?
James: *Gives out cookies*
All but James: COOKIES!! *Eat cookies*
Rednal29: I feel happy again.
James: *Gives Arianna three more cookies*
Arianna: Thank you!
James: No problem.

Sound Effect: BOOM!!!!!!!

James: Be right back. *Goes outside*

James: Looks at gigantic, ugly demon
James: *Dryly* We've met before, haven't we.
Demon: *Looks at James* YOU!!! I HATES YOU!!!
James: Use proper grammer.
Demon: Sorry. I got a little carried away... Where were we?
James: The fight.
Demon: Oh, right.
Dustcloud fight ensues, like on Road Runner
Rednal29: *Removes wall so the other muses can watch*
James: *Emerges from dustcloud unscathed and not even dirty*
Demon: *Falls to ground as dustcloud disappears*
James: That was easy.
Arianna: *Glomps James* That was great! I wanna try!
James: We'll save that for another story...
Rednal29: Right...
Rednal28: I am here to take your muses!!!
All: O.O
Rednal29: What are YOU doing here!?
Rednal28: I just told you! I'm here to take your muses!!!
Rednal29: James, please dispose of this... thing.
James: Right. *Charges spell*
Rednal28: Hah! I have Author Powers! You can't hurt me!
James: *Hurts Rednal28 with spell*
Rednal28: *Vanishes*
Rednal29: Thank you!
James: That was easy.
Arianna: Let's go make ourselves appear in Magi and Soria!
Muses: *Agree* *Vanish*
Rednal29: Uh-oh... *Sweatdrops* *Checks stories for signs of his Muses*

Many hours later:
Muses: *Reappear*
Rednal29: Well?
Arianna: We give up. You have too many guards up right now, so we'll have to try again later.
Mio: What'd we miss?
Rednal29: I muse-ified somebody else.
James: ?
He looked around, and stopped when he noticed a teen-ish girl with long green hair.
Rednal29: Meet Tabatha, from Tales of Symphonia.
Tabatha: Whats of What?
Rednal29: And, unfortunately, she has absolutely no clue what we're talking about. James, fill her in.
James: Righto. *Explains everything to Tabatha*
Tabatha: Huh?
James: ...I made that as simple as I could.
Tabatha: ...
Rednal29: Whatever.
Mio: You're an idiot, Tabatha!!!
Rednal29: *Eye twitches* You do NOT insult your fellow Muses!!!! *Gathers power*
Mio: Uh-oh...
Rednal29: *Teleports behind Arianna*
Arianna: ?
Rednal29: One Thousand Years of Pain!!!! *Launches attack*
Arianna: AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! *Flies into distance*
James: Hey!!! That was my fiancee!!!* Teleports to Arianna* *Grabs Arianna* *Teleports back* *Heals Arianna*
James: Bad author!!! Bad!!!
Rednal29: ...I'm not a dog.
James: So!?
Rednal29: ...
Cass: *Appears* What the heck is this place!?
Rednal29: Oh, Cass.
Cass: CASSANDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rednal29: Whatever. Welcome to the place where I live. You are here to be a Muse, and you are not to destroy anything.
Cass: Oh, okay.
Rednal29: And you're not to steal anything either.
Cass: Dangit. How are you going to make it so I can't?
James: 'Cause you will be in much pain if you do. *Conjures Rasengan* Understand?
Cass: Er, yes... But why is it 'Cass' and not 'Cassandra' when I'm talking!?!?!?
Rednal29: Because Cass is easier to write.
All: ...

Several hours later:
Rednal29: Listen up, inferior beings!!
James: Dude, you need to play less of Tales of Symphonia.
Rednal29: Shut it!
Rai: Yup, he's been playing it too much.
Rednal29: *Remarkably uncheesy evil laugh* So, that's the way you want it? Fine, then, inferior beings. You will be put into an Original Fiction. ALL of you. And you shall learn to obey me.
James: Booooooooring. Nothing you send our way can beat us, ESPECIALLY not as a group.
Rednal29: Are you sure about that? Heh heh heh...

Several days later...
Rednal29: Okay, everybody have their things ready?
Muses: Yes, sir!
Rednal29: Good!! It's another year at the Official Fantasy Fiction University!!!! Now we just need the OK e-mail...

Some time later...
Rednal29 & Muses: *Appear, looking exhausted*
Rednal29: That's the last time I teach a class myself.
Muses: *Laugh*
Rednal29: *Whaps all of them* Why don't you make yourselves useful like Ren is? She actually knows what she's doing.
Ren: *Blush*
Rednal29: *Oblivious* Anyways, we've got work to do, people. Rai, how's your part in Chronicles of the Aquarius Clan Volume Two coming?
Rai: Oh, excellent. *Smiles evilly*
Arianna: Is this something I should know about? o.O
Rednal29: No!
Rai: No!
Arianna: Tell me. NOW. *Glares*
Rednal29: *Reflects her glare with a mirror* Take that, fiend!!
James: *Whaps Rednal29* Bad.
Rednal29: *Rubs his head* What was that for!?!?
James: For not being nice to Arianna, dolt. *Glares*
Rednal29: *Hides*
Arianna: Humph. *Glomps James* I need to spend as much time with HIM as I can. *Nuzzles James* Since he's missing in the Aquarius Clan story...
Rednal29 and James: *Whistling innocently*
Arianna: And when are you gonna update Gold, Silver, and Bronze!?!?
Rednal29: Whenever I get around to it... *Looks guilty* I've got a lot of stuff to do these days!
Arianna: SURE. *Rolls her eyes*

Fantasy Fiction University Entrance Form

Remember, everything is taken literally.

Also remember that the Official Fantasy Fiction University retains the right to alter anything in order to keep things simple.

Name: (Something pronouncable in English)
Age: (Something relevant to your race)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Personality: (Major thing. Keep it simple, 'kay?)
Hair Color/Length: (What color it is/Where on your body it reaches to)
Eye Color: (Duh)
Race: (Mix and match if you want. But make it understandable)
Fighting Skills: (What you fight with)
Build: (Muscular, skinny, etc.)
Occupation: (What you do. Student, worker, etc.)
Staff Member?: (Yes or no. Most likely to be refused unless I have an open staff position.)
I write: (What genre you write)
Lust Type: (Optional. What type of person you would chase down)
Muses that will need looking after(Number, please): (How many Muses you have)
Type of person you hate: (Personality of people you would not get along with)

Feel free to e-mail me questions and comments about my bio. But make sure that your subject cleary states what you're tallking about, 'kay?

NOTICE: Numinor29 may use any of my characters/settings/anythig else I have copyrighted as he wills. I take no responsibility whatsoever for what he posts, though. o.O

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