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Yes, you heard right. I am Zefskiy, and will probably be the only Zefskiy you will ever meet. This is my little Fictionpress profile where I display some of my writings. If you plan on ever coming back and reading more of my work, jot down some different names of my stories and poems, or go on and add me. This is only because I’m extremely fickle, and wind up changing my pen name every month or so. Sorry! I just can’t help it!

Now, here’s the part where you get to read everything about my life.

I like woods that stretch as far as the eye can see, colorful birds, Cherry Coke, soy protein, ambient music, (some) anime and manga, reading a good book, finding out about different cultures, language, figure skating, Nestea, confidence, healthy competition, writing, cats, violins, history, my iPod, and daydreaming.

I dislike loud noises, pessimism, extremists, war, math, closed-minded people, so-called ‘depressed’ 13-16 year-old writers, people that are purposely stupid, drugs, smoking, people that don’t work, people without dreams or ambitions, fashion trends, people that complain about being fat, plastic surgery, and many, many other things that I don’t feel like listing now.

I’ll stop there for now. I hope you enjoy my writing. Feel free to give me critique, because that’s how I’ll improve.

UPDATE: I should be adding the first chapter of my new story, Kanasko-roko, sometime within the next week. I may actually continue this one, so I hope you like it. =D

(I haven't actually started writing it, but i've been planning like mad!)

Key Words of the Story:

Coat, rich, mysterious, hat, rain, blood, brother, sister, admirer, murderer, city, lights, sea, coins and feathers.

Interested? I hope so. Well, either way, you'll be able to read it soon.


~Zefskiy Fazrizssu Slenyaka

(chya, that's me)

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